Monday, October 22, 2018

Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Where’s My Wine Glass?

Keep track of your wine glass at summer gatherings, courtesy of Screen Candy.

It happens to everybody during the summer in Seattle – at beach parties, barbecues or evening soirees. You’re sipping some beautiful wine and talking to a group of friends, and you put down your glass to answer the phone or to pat the friendly pup that just trotted up to you. When you go to retrieve your wine glass, it’s surrounded by other ones. Which glass is yours?

You’ll never have to face that problem again, thanks to a new product called Screen Candy – a removable, reusable decal that allows you to express yourself, as well as differentiate your wine glass from the others.

Screen Candy is printed on special static-cling material, and comes in a wide variety of designs that can be used to personalize wine glasses — or phones, computers, mirrors and photos, for that matter. You can pick a design that suits your mood – a sunset, dolphins, hearts, cupcakes, flowers, rainbows, palm trees and even a happy face. Some decals have expressions, such as “haha,” “LOL” or “Crush.” In the near future, sports and wine designs will also be available.

Or you can create your own statement by designing artwork and uploading it to the Screen Candy website. You can also submit your favorite phrase to place on a decal. If your company wants a new idea for a staff party, a client gathering or a conference, Screen Candy also creates artwork to reinforce your company brand on the decals.

I’ve saved the two best features for last: When you remove the decals, there is no damage or residue left on the surface. Also, they’re affordable – between $2.95-$3.95 for a set of six decals.

I’m thinking about creating a set that expresses my blog’s motto: “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere!”


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A former national journalist, Margot started writing her popular “Write for Wine” blog in 2007, but she first blended her passion for writing with her passion for wine in 1997 in a column on KOIN-TV’s website (which she managed in Portland). When she’s not writing about wine or speaking about social media measurement at conferences around the country, you can find her wine-tasting with her husband or hanging out with her three Cavalier King Charles dogs. Or you can find her on Twitter @writeforwine
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