Monday, October 22, 2018

Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Pairing Wine And Dress Shirts

Seattleite men, there’s a new shirt in town!

Guys, if you think figuring out which wine to pair with dinner is difficult, then you’ve probably also struggled with finding a comfortable dress shirt that looks good untucked to wear to the restaurant.

Look no further! Entrepreneur Chris Riccobono has developed a new line of “polished-casual” dress shirts, designed to be worn untucked. Now you can look casual, comfortable and stylin’ all at the same time – whether you’re going wine tasting in Woodinville or to a nice restaurant in Seattle.

Called UNTUCKit, the shirts are available in many styles, each named after a region of wine. You might prefer the casual plaid of the “Paso Robles” to wear to local tasting rooms or the classic crispness of the “Russian River” for that special dinner.

The shirts’ wine connection follows Riccobono’s passion for viticulture on his video-blog, Pardon That Vine. As he traveled around the world to study wine and winemaking, he often grappled with finding shirts that could be worn untucked — not to mention fit comfortably.

When he realized he wasn’t alone with this fashion problem — and there was no solution was in sight — he decided to create the shirt on his own. After immersing himself in the garment industry, Chris tested shirts and polled more than 500 people before launching his online boutique, UNTUCKit.

He says his unique approach for a tailored fit comes from fabrics typically reserved for luxury button downs. “When it comes to looking good without tucking in,” he said, “it’s all about the length of the shirt.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t name any shirts after the many world-renowned wine regions of Washington state. So let’s all ask Chris to name his next shirt styles “Red Mountain,” “Horse Heaven Hills,” “Lake Chelan” or “Walla Walla.”


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