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Wellness: Coreo Fitness’ Bungee Workout

Spice up your workout routine with this fun workout

Coreo Fitness is a new dance and fitness studio in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. They specialize in Bungee Workout, and the first studio to bring this new modality to the west coast.

Photo credit: Coreo Fitness

Coreo offers a variety of dance and dance-fitness classes, including hip-hop, jazz and Pound in addition to its signature bungee classes. With each class rooted in rhythm and choreography, Coreo provides invigorating, entertaining, and challenging workout experiences for people of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

Our experience

Founder and Bungee instructor Tiffany was welcoming and friendly, helping us get checked in and set up. Our bungee instructor, Alexandra, was bubbly and had a great energy. We immediately knew it was going to be a fun workout. Trained in ballet, contemporary dance, and yoga, Alexandra has danced all over the U.S. and currently teaches bungee, modern dance, and yoga at Coreo. 

Alexandra adjusted the height of the bungee with a ladder and for the straps and shorts. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I’m always open to new workouts. I mostly do spin and barre classes (and hiking during the summer), so this Bungee Workout definitely piqued my interest. 

We learned some basics in the 60-minute class, including landing correctly and how to manage the resistance of the bungee cords. Some of the moves in the class are familiar, including planks, pushups, and squats. Some are completely new, like the “chandelier” spin and a run-and-jump-into-the-air move. There’s a little bit of coordination required, but Alexandra demoed everything for us and it was easy to pick it up. 

Leaving the class, I felt energized and excited to come back for bungee, but also for the other classes. If you’re feeling uninspired by your workout routine, this is a challenging and interesting workout to liven it up. Coreo also offers dance, yoga, and pilates classes. Their dance classes are: Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, and Coreo Dance. 

Photo credit: Coreo Fitness


  • The first Bungee Workout class is $15
  • Dance and other fitness classes (yoga, pilates) are free for the first week
  • Individual and class packages and monthly membership packages ranging in price 

For more information about pricing

Coreo Fitness        |       508 1st Ave N, Seattle       |       (206) 717-2894 


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