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We Heart: Sustainable Leader, Martin Gu

The Ultimate Catch: Intriguing Seattleites

Photo by Charilie Ainslie.

Martin Gu

29 | Seattle

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Occupation:  Engineer Associate for Starbucks

Why We Heart Them

Having moved here just under two years ago from Mexico, Martin’s love for the green movement and outdoors have made him feel right at home in Seattle.  His enthusiasm for sustainable architecture and a long list of credentials, helped him land a job as an Engineer Associate for Starbucks. Here, he works as a member of the High Performance Building Team.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, Martin obtained the credentials for professionals participating in the design and construction of high-performance and sustainable buildings.  He has since helped develop strategies for the LEED volume certification program as well as implementing and training them.

Martin went on to work with Earthship Biotecture’s founder and architect, Michael Reynolds, to build an authentic earthship.  In this project, Martin supported the team in gathering supplies, installation of sustainable energy systems and adapted American construction tactics to Mexican techniques.  This radically sustainable building made from recycled materials further demonstrates his dedication and love for sustainability.  Shortly following the earthship project, Martin found himself in Seattle as the Latin American region lead for building sustainable Starbuck’s buildings.

Martin’s long list of credentials may seem intimidating, but his spontaneous personality and adventurous nature is inspiring. A glimpse into this side of Martin is evident when he explains, “if I could change careers, I would be either a magician or a treasure hunter.”

Martin’s 2008 voyage, crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat, is further proof of his thirst for adventure.  He is proud of this expedition and now calls Seattle home. When Martin is not working to give us a “greener” tomorrow, you will find him exploring the city, snowboarding, scuba diving or reconstructing airplanes.

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