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We Heart: Financial Diva, Ann Zech

The Ultimate Catch: Intriguing Seattleites

ann zech

29 | Queen Anne

Hometown: Madison Park, Seattle

Occupation:  Investor Relations, Storyteller to Foster Children, Future Coffeehouse Star

Why We Heart Them

Let’s start with the definition for dynamic – pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic.  For Ann Zech, a Seattle native, the label is as necessary as a black trench during the long winter (which like the adjective, she also wears quite well).  

Raised in Madison Park, Ann was educated locally first at Seattle Prep and then University of Washington, and then moved to San Francisco after graduation, using her economics degree to sharpen her knuckles while handling hedge fund and private equity clients.  Ann eventually returned to the Northwest in 2009, perching herself atop one of the city’s most successful investment firms, and the food-centric Queen Anne neighborhood.

Luckily for the community, it isn’t all nine-to-five for this catch.  When not jogging the local Green Lake track, Ann is busy volunteering with the local arm of the Junior League, researching and documenting life histories of local foster care children that are to be given to them before joining a new family.  She’s also a member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds as well as a local organization that hosts events while focusing on philanthropy and financial education.

Amazingly, after all this, there are still hours left in the day for this Seattle vixen.  Weeknights are wound down strumming the latest guitar lesson or poking through art history books – after all, she is a certified docent.  That leaves the weekends which are spent spent dancing with friends and family out on the town, usually to the stylings of her brother, DJ Jerry Nice.

After all this, there’s only one thing to do:  Wash.  Rinse.  “Americano, please.”  Repeat.

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Ever since Jon was born in Ellensburg, WA, he’s been eating. Now 27 and fully grown, food has transitioned away from sustenance to more of a passion. Years in the fine dining world and countless hours watching Top Chef have left him spoiled and wanting more — some kind of curse. But he’s happy living through that curse as Seattleite’s food aficionado. Pick up a copy of Jon’s book, Mustache May, or read his Seattle PI blog, The Belltown Blocks.
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