Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Radar: Storks Now Delivering Diapers, Not Just Babies

No longer relegated just to babies, storks have expanded their services to include 100-percent cotton cloth diapers to Seattle and Eastside families. Diaper Stork, launched in September 2014, creates convenience for area young professionals who might also be moms or dads.

Young professionals are always striving for that work-life balance but what happens when work-life becomes work-baby? Between commutes, meetings and the occasional happy hours, diapers may not always be at the forefront of to-dos–despite being a necessity. That’s where Diaper Stork comes in.


Started by Seattleites Jen Harwood and her husband Kole, Diaper Stork not only offers the convenience of diaper delivery to your doors, but also an eco-conscious alternative to disposable diapers giving young professional parents peace of mind.

Locally owned and operated, the diapers are priced at a flat monthly rate determined by the baby’s age and are delivered weekly by Jen herself!

For more information on how to get a stork delivery, visit

Diaper Stork |  (206) 450-6715

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