Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Radar: Stoneburner: The Chef, The Restaurant, The Stone Hearth Cooking

Just a few months ago, Von Trapp’s waltzed into our Capitol Hill lives and we haven’t gone a weekend without wanting to belly-up to one of their bocce ball courts with beer and brat in hand.

Well now the masterminds behind Von Trapp’s (and Bastille Cafe & Bar … and Poquitos … and Macleod’s Scottish Pub), James Weimann and Deming Maclise, are opening another restaurant, this time on the street level of also-soon-to-be-open Hotel Ballard in — you guessed it — Ballard.

The restaurant, aptly named “Stoneburner” after Jason Stoneburner, longtime chef at Bastille and soon-to-be-Chef at Stoneburner, is “stone hearth cooking”-inspired. We’re still waiting to get our sample on but the restaurant promises handmade pastas, a farm fresh focus and artisan food in a rustic cooking style showcasing the best of the Northwest.

The 3,500 square-foot restaurant will seat approximately 125 guests and includes a private dining room that seats 16 guests for intimate events plus a rooftop event space named Olympic Rooftop Pavilion. The front of the restaurant will be made up of NanaWalls that can slide open to the action on bustling Ballard Avenue on those elusive sun-filled days.

Stoneburner will be open for lunch, weekend, brunch and dinner and if our experience at Von Trapp’s and the bevy of other restaurants from the dynamic restaurateur duo and celebrated chef are any indication of what we can expect to eat here, well, we’ll be there.

No official opening date has been set but we’re promised it will be sometime in spring 2013.

Stoneburner | 5214 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle | (206) 789-5012

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