Friday, January 18, 2019

The Radar: Best Spot For Chic Comfort Food

If life gives you lemons, Urbane provides a delicious pick-me-up.

Come fall, all we want to do is spoon. But make no mistake — we’re not talking about the snuggled-in-the-sheets variety. No, we’re craving comfort in the form of steaming soups, sinfully rich s’mores, and belly-warming cocktails. Which is why we’re insane for Urbane, a supersustainable restaurant updating all our fall faves with farm fresh ingredients. Gauge your desired comfort level and order accordingly:

The Sitch: You’re two bad dates away from turning into a modern day “Cathy” comic strip. 

The Save: Dip in for a mega-boozy, hand-crafted cocktail. Ginger junkies will appreciate the Kurtatini ($14) with Maker’s Mark, Lemoncello, and fresh ginger. Fresh citrus and pomegranate juice in the Pomarita ($12) puts a sweet spin on the classic marg. 

The Sitch: You reek of eau de bar, your breath is so potent it could cause a poodle to black out and the most nutritional thing you’ve consumed all weekend was the garnish from your bloody mary. 

The Save: You want warm guilty pleasure comfort, but you need healthy vegetables. Hit up Urbane’s side dish menu for selections so delicious you’ll forget they’re actually (kinda) good for you. We loved the grilled eggplant flavored with truffle honey ($7) and spiced beets ($7). If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, the mega-rich macaroni and cheese ($7) is not to be missed. 

The Sitch: The web site/start-up/tech venture you ambitiously dedicated 80 hours a week to just went under. 

The Save: For the extremely awful, terrible, absolutely worst days, sugary self-medication is a tasty (and super tame) cure-all. Cue Urbane’s sinfully perfect s’more. This version, kicked up with coconut, is nirvana on a spoon.

Urbane  |  1639 8th Ave., Seattle  | (206) 676-4600


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