Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Taste Peru: Pisco Comes to Seattle

The allure of Pisco, Peru’s national liquor and one of the country’s largest cultural boastings, has always evaded our fair city — until now.

Photo: Piscologia

Thanks to Piscología, the first Pisco brand approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, Seattleites can finally enjoy this honored Peruvian spirit in our homeland. No longer must you fly south of the Equator and brave Peruvian watering holes to find a Pisco Sour Cocktail; you can now find this legendary beverage at a handful of neighborhood joints.

Photo: Gustaf Andreasen

Piscología is a small batch acholado pisco distilled in Peru using a blend of Quebranta, Torontel and Italia grapes. Each batch uses only the freshest ingredients possible, and the craftsmanship shows in Piscología’s remarkable taste.

The sensation is a mellow taste of mature dried currents and banana, finishing on a subtle citrus note with pleasant floral aromas of orange blossom, pecan and honey.

Piscología makes a perfect Pisco Sour and it arrives at a time when mixology is on fire in the Puget Sound region – lending us another playful liquor to be shaken, stirred, served on the rocks or neat.

Piscología comes to the Pacific Northwest via Seattleite Meg McFarland – a co-owner of the company, Topa Spirits, which makes and distributes Piscología. Meg first became fascinated with pisco on a trip to Peru 10 years ago and wanted to bring her love for pisco and Peruvian culture to the Northwest.

We at Seattleite welcome Piscología to Washington, our liquor cabinets and our favorite neighborhood bars.

You can currently find Piscología at popular neighborhood haunts such as Sambar in Ballard and the Rob Roy in Belltown, to name a couple.  We couldn’t be more excited to enjoy pisco this Spring and Summer! provides a full list of Pisco cocktails as well as more information regarding the spirit and craft. Want to visit Peru? Our friends at Anywhere offer a free trip planning service for vacations to Peru.

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  2. Jenny M says:


  3. Jenny M says:

    Queen Annes neighborhood speakeasy The Tin LIzzie Lounge also carries Pisco and their amazing bartenders are mixing up some fabulous cocktails. There is also daily happy hour and live music!

  4. BandBCuba says:

    So interesting! Trying traditional drinks of different countries is a way to know a little more about they culture.

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