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Corks+Forks: Cantinetta’s Saffron Papperdelle with àMaurice Viognier
Down-home Tuscan cooking with a touch of Washington white wine charm. If you don’t remember, the summer of 2009 was hot. You bought your first real six-string at the five and dime, you were sweating and whining about the heat like most Seattleites naturally do all the while the grapes in the vineyards of the Pacific Northwest were getting fat and tan, with sugars inside the fruit and bronzing skin on the outside. (more…)
Labels with Luster: Stottle Winery 2008 Sangiovese
Seattleite gets a sneak peek at the spanking new Stottle Winery. We’re hip. We’re with it. We’re so in the know that this is a first look at Stottle Winery. Founded by Amy and Josh Stottlemyer, Stottle publicly opened its doors yesterday with wines available and ready to for your purchasing pleasures today. (more…)
2011 MUST HAVE: The Can’t-Miss Bottles of Wine
You can’t call yourself a wine lover unless you have these in your home collection. There are almost 700 wineries in Washington state alone, the task of choosing the right wine can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming. Red or white? Red Mountain or Red Willow? Expensive for that special occasion or lower priced for an everyday wine? (more…)
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