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Meatless Monday: Fremont’s Pablo y Pablo
Pablo y Pablo is a Mexican restaurant located on the bottom floor of the new Tableau HQ building that opened this past summer. It’s located one block north of Gas Works Park on the corner of N. 34th and Woodlawn. The space is bright with patio seating during the warmer months and window-filled offering modern Mexican fare and an extensive selection of tequila & mezcal. (more…)
Restaurant Radar: Ian’s Pizza in Capitol Hill
Madison’s quintessential pizza is now available on the hill. Ian’s Pizza on the Hill opened last fall and offers pizza by the slice, whole pies, delivery, and beer and wine. Located in Zpizza’s old location on Broadway, this smaller chain or “pizza collective” from Madison, Wisconsin is taking familiar ingredients—not commonly used as toppings—and creating new and delicious pizzas. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options. (more…)
100% Whole Food at Sweetgrass Food Co.
A whole food menu that tastes good and makes you feel good too. Sweetgrass Food Co. has partnered with local producers and suppliers to serve local, sustainable and (mostly) organic foods. Everything is made from scratch, in house. The best part is that they serve something for everyone: from sustainable, hormone and antibiotic free meat and dairy, to vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-restriction options. Sweetgrass is located in Westlake and they’re planning to open a second location in Pioneer Square later this year.  (more…)
Healthy, Flavorful, and Satisfying Sustainable Vegan Fare at Chaco Canyon
Chaco Canyon has three locations in University District, West Seattle, and Greenwood. Chaco Canyon collaborates with farms in Washington every month for their fresh products. The menu offers a selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items that are vegan and often gluten-free.  (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Shanik
If you’re looking for Indian food, Shanik is the real deal. And the real deal happens to be very vegan friendly. As owner, Meeru Dhalwala candidly explains, you will never feel like a moron when you walk into her restaurant. Unless of course you’re acting like a moron (and dietary choices or restrictions certainly are not on her list of things that qualify someone as a moron). Having been vegetarian for (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Seattle Restaurant Week at Bar Dojo
Seattle Restaurant Week is for vegans, too! Kind of. More than 160 Restaurants are are offering three courses for $28.00 this week, and sadly, of those 160 restaurants, a measly six have vegan options for all three courses. SIX! I’m so gonna tell Bill Clinton on you guys. But I can’t complain too much (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Veggie Grill Opens New Downtown Location
Vegans, carnivores, and vegans trying to trick their carnivore friends into eating vegan food, I present: Veggie Grill. Now of course you are wondering, “how would she know if a staunch non-vegan would like this food? She isn’t one.” And I would respond by first commending you for being a critical consumer, and then by explaining the funny story of how I brought a plate of Veggie Grill “buffalo” wings to work, watched said staunch non-vegans chow down on them, and then received a very sincere (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Mademoiselle Mousse
Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, ummm… what else is there? Chocolate! This sweet treat is 100% not chocolate-free. Now maybe it’s the impending grey of winter constantly looming in my mind, or maybe it’s just because I am a human equipped with the full range of taste buds, but whatever the reason, my chocolate tooth has been in full effect lately. And one can only eat so many 90% cocoa dark chocolate bars. (more…)
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