Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Self-Care September: Spa Pick-Me-Ups
Finding ways to relax in the city and beyond. After a long stretch of smoky skies and the feeling of fall lurking in the air, we’re sensing the need to head inside for peaceful pampering. Here are a few spas around the region ready to help you press “refresh.” (more…)
Culture Dose: Travel Talks, Inspiring Workouts + Tempting Tunes
Ways to nourish your mind, body & soul this month (+ beyond) MIND: +Spring is in the air—and wanderlust, too—at SoDo’s Adventure Hub & Winery, where newly launched Explorer X hosts Thursday events to connect fellow travelers and help them plan future journeys. (more…)
Fall + Beyond Self-Care Guide
Seasonal prep for the mind, body + soul. As the days grow shorter and the evenings darker, we’re doing everything we can to take care of ourselves in preparation. Here are a few ways—from “sun” bathing at City Sweats to oyster shucking at Scout—you might lift the spirits and get rejuvenated as we transition into the new season.  (more…)
TREAT YO SELF: Urban Float
Float your stresses away in an epsom salt water bath. I am excited to introduce a new Seattleite column that is dedicated to places that promote honoring your mind, body, soul, and a little self-indulgence too—“Treat Yo Self” will showcase some of our favorite spots that promote self-care. I personally find myself getting caught up being “busy”, stressed, and packing every moment of my waking day with work, activities, people, screens, and social media. In the (more…)
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