Friday, January 18, 2019

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The Radar: Socks Seeking Stylish and Charitable Owners
Skyline Socks will outfit you with your new favorite pair of toe warmers. What’s a person to do without socks? Sure, there are a couple months out of the year that we get to forgo this jilted article of clothing in favor of flip-flops, Chacos, or strappy sandals, but for the other ten months they’re actually pretty useful. (more…)
The Radar: SUP Summer
An excellent full body work-out and zen hybrid sport all rolled in to one. Get your daily dose of fitness while attempting to finally achieve that coveted Seattleite farmer’s tan as you paddle your way around the Northwest’s many waterways. (more…)
The Radar: Hot Tub Boats
Lake Union boating at its steamiest. Every Seattleite knows Summer in the Northwest doesn’t officially begin until after July 4th. Break out the Otter Pops, shake the dust off that ceiling fan, and lather on the sunscreen for our guaranteed four or five days of sweltering weather.  For the rest of our Summer days, you might be more inclined (more…)
The Radar: Food Truck Mania
A few of our favorite food trucks serving up delicious grub on a corner near you. We have truly become obsessed with food. Not obsessed in a creepy, stalker-like way but more of a fanatical, passionate, “I-really-care-about-what-I-am-consuming” way. (more…)
The Radar: Bolt to Beat the Pump
Affordable and luxurious public transportation from SEA to PDX at its finest. Bike, train, plane, scooter, magic carpet—really any mode of transportation at this point has to be cheaper than traveling by car. Cheaper, yes—but convenient, comfortable and prompt are not all adjectives typically (more…)
The Radar: Rediscover a Neighborhood Favorite, La Vita E Bella
Head to Belltown for old world flavors nestled amongst new world comfort and charm. We agree: life is beautiful! However, we will also argue that it gets much more beautiful after a couple glasses of fine Italian wine and a hearty helping of creamy linguini with salmon followed by the most delicate, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth Tiramisu you will ever have the pleasure of eating. (more…)
The Radar: Big Woody Limos
Good times and woody’s go together. Forget the stripper poles and strobe lights–Big Woody Limos has revolutionized the modern day concept of a ‘party bus’ into one that has class,comfort, and fun written all over their spacious busses’ living room designed interiors. (more…)
Be in the Know: Coldplay
The hot British rockstars and their hot new album land in Seattle’s Key Arena. If you’re an avid Coldplay fan and Chris Martin devotee (along with the rest of world)—then you have probably been feeling a bit neglected by your favorite British rockers. (more…)
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