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Summer Jet Set: Travel in Hello Kitty Style
EVA airlines whisks you away to Hello Kitty heaven! Hello Kitty – the widely popular feline brand – has forged its way into the tourism business!  The Taiwanese airline EVA has launched three Kitty-themed planes that fly between Taipei, Fukuoka, Narita, Sapporo, Incheon, Hong Kong and Guam.  This trip is includes Hello Kitty boarding passes, self check in and a kitty-fabulous flight! (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Northwest Adventures
Adventurous activities abound in the Northwest. Pick a sunny weekend to stay close to home and enjoy a new sport in our corner of the country. You won’t have to go far– there are plenty of exciting excursions around the breathtaking area we call home. (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Travel Necessities
A few good gadgets can go a long way when you’re far away from home. Avoid the common travel disasters like wrinkly clothes, burnt out hair dryers or uncharged phones with a few travel essentials.  These necessities will guarantee easy travels so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation! (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Out Of This World
Planes, trains, and automobiles have nothing on these extravagant modes of travel. From the depths of the sea to the far side of Earth’s atmosphere, a trip in one of these vehicles is anything but terrestrial. (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Digital Travel Trends
Streamline your travels with some time saving trends. Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and work, and with a busy schedule it’s not something everyone has time to do.  So stop worrying about the little details and use these travel trends to simplify the process!  (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Affordable Getaways
Travel the globe on a budget! With so many places to see and a limited amount of money hostels may be your only choice.  This sounds a bit scary considering their bad reputation, but these hostels have had a facelift!  So, skimp on your bill, but not on the comfort at these swanky hostels in some of the most coveted travel destinations. (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Spa Getaways
Sit back and relax with the ultimate spa getaway. You work hard so reward yourself with some well-deserved relaxation at a top-notch spa.  Instead of getting a 30-minute massage downtown make your next vacation a spacation and get whisked away to a relaxation paradise. (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Hot Travel Apps
Whether you’re finding directions to your hotel or checking tomorrow’s weather forecast, your smart phone might just be your best friend while traveling. For almost every unforeseen issue a vacation can bring, there’s an app to solve it. Prepare yourself for a stress-free excursion by downloading these four problem-solving apps for travel. (more…)
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