Monday, June 26, 2017

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Rookies Sports Bar Interior
Superbowl Hot Spot: Rookies Sports Bar
Come celebrate an old Superbowl matchup in a new South Seattle venue. It’s déjà vu all over again: Superbowl XLVI features an all too-familiar Patriots-Giants matchup at the middle-of-almost-nowhere Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  While Seattleites may not have a hometown team to root for or a West Coast venue to gloat over, South Seattleites have a new local spot to mix things up – to band together and root against the East Coast team of their choosing this Superbowl. (more…)
Photo: outhause image workspace
Climb To New Heights At Seattle Bouldering Project
Experience freestyle bouldering at this new destination in South Seattle. Photo: Outhause Image Workspace Bouldering is a rock climbing technique performed without the use of a rope – though, have no fear, a crash pad is below you to break any falls. The maneuvers are designed to challenge your body and mind. (more…)
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