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An evening of Eroica Riesling at Chateau Ste. Michelle & Q+A with winemaker Bob Bertheau
Chateau Ste Michelle, one of the country’s most historic wineries hosted a winemakers dinner on January 23rd, providing a behind-the-scenes experience with winemakers Bob Bertheau and Ernst Loosen. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Madison Park Conservatory’s Trout with German Riesling
Go German or go home with this classy establishment’s pan-fried whole trout. Chef Cormac Mahoney was quoted by City Arts last October stating that he found the adage “farm to table” to be a “stupid term,” in more or less obscenities. Mahoney, whose stance is that all food is “farm to table” and should be sourced from the right places at the right time, is known for his audacity and bawdiness both in print and in his kitchen. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Pomum Riesling With Citrus Jerk Wings
Washington Riesling provides the ideal balancing act for dishes with spice. Germany is famous for a number of historical and cultural landmarks, such as bratwurst, Rammstein and the roots of our English language. Possibly the lesser known of the bunch – Riesling is the golden nectar of the Rhine. (more…)
Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Riesling for Being
Do you think Riesling rules? Now’s your chance to say why and win $1,000. If you’re passionate about Riesling, this week’s Wine O’clock Wednesday column is for you! Pacific Rim Winery is calling out for Riesling fans to enter their contest, which started Monday, May 16 and runs for 10 weeks. (more…)
Wine O’clock Wednesday: Gård Vintners – Good News, Good Wine
Gård Vintners has a new award-winning winemaker to take the winery’s award-winning wines to an even higher level. (more…)
2011 MUST HAVE: The Can’t-Miss Bottles of Wine
You can’t call yourself a wine lover unless you have these in your home collection. There are almost 700 wineries in Washington state alone, the task of choosing the right wine can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming. Red or white? Red Mountain or Red Willow? Expensive for that special occasion or lower priced for an everyday wine? (more…)
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