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Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers Week 17 Recap
In the last week of the regular season in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks traveled to the Bay to take on the San Francisco 49ers in what was perhaps Chip Kelly’s last game as head coach.  With a multitude of playoff scenarios swirling around, it was one of those games which was a formality and where the result would simply dictate a matter of seeding. (more…)
Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks Week 15 Recap
Aptly described by Richard “I’m Better Than You At Life” Sherman, the “poopfest” that is Thursday Night NFL games kicked off with the Los Angeles Rams visiting Seattle to take on the Seahawks.  The Rams, who just recently fired former head coach Jeff Fisher, have been on a tailspin as of late and came into Thursday on a four-game losing streak and fresh off of a 42-14 beatdown at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons. (more…)
Seattle Seahawks vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 12 Recap
Well, it was an extremely unattractive game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, it was an ugly battle, particularly for the away team, as they mustered up a mere five points in a 14-5 loss. Not much to say here, really. (more…)
Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks Week 11 Recap
As the Philadelphia Eagles rolled into Seattle on Sunday, they wouldn’t have guessed that backup quarterback Trevone Boykin would line up as a running back for a play and that star wideout Doug Baldwin would be the most accurate passer of the day.  But football is all about trickery, isn’t it? Play action, false counts, pump fakes — all a part of the game that we devote an entire day of the week to.  (more…)
Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots Week 10 Recap
Well, it was those guys again. Brady, Gronk, Edelman, Lord Belichick — those guys. We don’t need to talk about what happened last time they played. It’s 2016, and like I said, we don’t need to talk about what happened last time they played. (more…)
Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks Week 9 Recap
Under the bright lights of Monday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks’ faithful never seemed more loud. It took every single down for the ‘Hawks to pull out the win, and it would be hard to argue that the crowd noise was not a factor. And man, what a game it was.  (more…)
Seattle Seahawks vs New Orleans Saints Week 8 Recap
It’s clear that Russell Wilson is hurt. His rushing yards have dropped dramatically this year, and his fluttering scrambles out of the pocket that usually frustrate opponents have been virtually nonexistent. Despite his extremely limited mobility, he has maintained a stellar pocket presence, possessing the wherewithal to either throw the ball away or take the hit while protecting the football. (more…)
Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals Week 7 Recap
If only the game was outdoor, in the rain, with mud slung all over the place and players slipping everywhere and fans wearing those rain poncho things. If only. With a final score of 6-6, you’d think that both teams were struggling in some soaking wet conditions, unable to properly run or pass the ball because of the slippery pigskin. Instead, the game was played inside the marvelous University of Phoenix Stadium, with no weather bothering the players like an extra defender. You’d also think that would excuse both kickers from missing point blank layups with the game on the line. But, football is a weird sport, and weird things happen. (more…)
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