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Photo via RockDoggyDog on Flickr
The Radar: Eat Run Hope, Then Eat Some More
Here’s everything you need to know about this event and why you should register summed up in two words: BACON RELAY. And in case that isn’t enough information, here’s what Eat Run Hope really is: A 5K run/walk around picturesque Seward Park followed by a culinary sampling of Seattle’s most talented chefs (more…)
Food Porn: Revel’s Korean American Fare
Head to Fremont for Asian fusion at its best. In this edition of Food Porn, Revel serves up urban-style Korean comfort food. The food is simple, yet bold. The menu is innovative and provides a delightful contrast to other “fusion” restaurants in Seattle. They utilize fresh, quality ingredients to compose new and interesting flavors in each of their dishes. (more…)
Be in the Know: Eat.Run.Hope.
An all-star lineup of Seattle chefs and restaurants come together for a great cause. You may be familiar with Ethan Stowell, local chef and restaurateur, who prides himself on serving fresh, local food at all of his four exquisite locations throughout Seattle. Now get to know Chef Stowell as the philanthropist. (more…)
Seattleite and Gilt City Seattle’s Fall Comforts Taste The Season Event
Fall Comforts: Revel’s Lamb Reuben
Revel takes conventional Celtic swell toward a Korean direction. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Korean BBQ and Primotivo
Expertly-cooked beef and wine from Italy’s heel — a match made in pairing heaven. When faced with the dilemma of an extensive and enticing bill of fare, a foodie must weigh her menu decision based upon the beverage at hand. In other words, what booze is in your glass and what culinary goodness will match it? (more…)
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