Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Culture Dose: October Events
From do-good Halloween happenings to fashion-inspired fetes. As the month rolls along, here are some October events we thought you might want to keep on your radar. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Ray’s Boathouse and Oregon Pinot Noir
A Seattle institution provokes classic pairings by matching red wine with seafood. Ray’s Boathouse tried to burn down twice. Once in 1987 and again in 1997, only three days prior to the decade anniversary of the first fire, the flame and ash that brought Ray’s Boathouse to the pier could only keep it there for a few months. Each time, the restaurant team and the community helped to bring the Seattle icon back to its feet to even bigger success than it had in its first run. (more…)
Paddleboard Yoga: Seagoing Serenity
Yogini Hasna Atry brings an exciting new discipline to the Ballard shore. Cross-legged and poised into a 90-degree angle, yoga instructor Hasna Atry carved her toes into the sand of a Ballard beach next to Ray’s Boathouse as the water lapped onshore. (more…)
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