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Pure Barre University Reopens today in U-District
Sami Sweeney, owner of Pure Barre fitness studios in Bellevue, Capitol Hill, Green Lake, Queen Anne and Redmond is reopening her first Seattle Pure Barre location today at a new location in Seattle’s University District. Pure Barre will open at 4552 11th Avenue N.E., Seattle, 98105, in the Bridges@11th apartment building with a regular class schedule starting today. (more…)
Pure Barre Redmond
The Radar: Another City, Another Pure Barre
The Sweeney team strikes again–this time in Redmond. The sixth local Pure Barre studio opened its doors this October in the Red160 apartments in downtown Redmond and joined Super Jock N’ Jill, Rudy’s Barbershop, Top Pot Doughnuts and more local businesses with Eastside offshoots. (more…)
Pure Barre Greenlake Facebook Page
The Radar: Pure Barre Does Green Lake
I was looking at my calendar the other day and I realized I haven’t experienced the burn of Pure Barre for almost six months. Six months! The dismay! Blame it on being a first-time working nursing mom, I guess, since doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Pure Barre locations across western Washington, that’s for sure.   And now, my everyone’s favorite ballet-based total body workout is creeping even further westward with dynamic duo Sami and Brandon Sweeney’s fifth location in four years coming to Green Lake–the Sweeney’s own ‘hood. (more…)
Pure Barre
The Radar: Belly Up to the (Pure) Barre in Capitol Hill
It’s no secret I have a love affair with the barre. No secret at all. See the evidence here, here and here. Well, Seattleites, you too can fall in love beginning January 4, 2014. Capitol Hill, better-known for its other kind of bars, is about to welcome Pure Barre to the neighborhood. (more…)
Michelle Strub/Pure Barre
Sweat Seattle: Pure Barre for Preggos
“Well you sure have a type, don’t you?” Brandon, the devilishly handsome husband of Sami, co-owner and sometimes-front desk substitute of Pure Barre Seattle, is checking me in. It took me a second to realize what he was referring to. (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Pure Barre Pioneer Sami Sweeney
Introducing one of the newest, most innovative fitness trends to the Emerald City. From pregnant women to physical therapy patients, Sami Sweeney believes that anyone can benefit from a Pure Barre workout – and for the last three years, the Idaho transplant has been promoting this exhausting and rewarding exercise discipline throughout the Seattle area. She currently manages the only certified Pure Barre studios in Washington, which are located in the (more…)
Molly Mesnick/Evado PR
The Radar: “The Fashion of Fitness” With Molly Mesnick
If you’ve been wondering what Molly Mesnick, the runner-up-turned-ultimate-winner of Seattle dad Jason’s “The Bachelor” season, has been up to, look no further than Pure Barre. The local celebrity and former “Bachelor” contestant is currently pregnant with her and Jason’s first child and is yet another “Bachelor” alum who is also a barre advocate (see: Lindzi Cox and Catherine Giudici for The Bar Method). (more…)
Pure Barre Bellevue
Sweat Seattle: The Other Kind of Barre-Hopping
“Are these barre classes like ballet, or something?” “I don’t know about this, I’ve never done ballet before …” I hadn’t either but I was thinking it might be closer to a true sweat session than a ballet lesson. Sure, a ballet barre lined three of the mirrored walls of the room but I tried not to think about that minor detail. Plus, (more…)
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