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Culture Dose: Fall Music From Your Couch
Concerts worth streaming online (and a few to see in person, too) Do you love music but not the hassle of concert queues and packed venues? Well, do we have news for you. Plenty of new offerings this season allow you to enjoy groovy tunes from the ease and coziness of your own home. See below for some of our favorite findings. (more…)
Culture Dose: Pickathon Schedules Revealed! + Other Events On Sale
Plan out music-filled days in Happy Valley, Oregon (and other enticing summertime happenings). It’s no secret that we adore Pickathon—a magical weekend gathering on an Oregon farm that’s all about the discovery of phenomenal new artists in beautiful and unique spaces (think intimate barns and fantastical stages that blend into the surrounding woods). Great news for this year’s much-anticipated event (August 3 through 6): The day-by-day schedule is finally here! Check it out, and get planning. (more…)
Culture Dose: Countdown to Pickathon
Not-to-be-missed music on an Oregon farm. Summer has begun to accelerate at lightning speed, and we suddenly feel that it’s prime time to soak up every sun-kissed moment of the season. If you’re with us, we’d love to strongly urge you—music lovers in particular—to make a really smart move to further enhance your summer. If you don’t yet have plans for next weekend (August 5-7); grab tickets to Pickathon before they’re gone. This gem of a gathering will forever raise your festival-going bar, and that’s not a promise we make lightly. (more…)
Culture Dose: Pickathon 2014 Recap
An Oregon music fest enchants again, introducing us to some new favorite artists (several perform this weekend at Bumbershoot, too!) Photo by Corinne Whiting After year two of attending the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon, I know this much to be true: (more…)
Culture Dose: Pickathon 2013 Recap
A blissful, wooded weekend of talented musicians jamming amid the trees. Photos by Melissa Dismuke After my interview with Pickathon founder Zale Schoenborn, I had the strong suspicion I had serendipitously stumbled upon something pretty darn special. But I still had very little idea what to expect as my friends and I pulled into Happy Valley’s Pendarvis Farm two Thursdays ago, dust kicking up behind us into the gray Oregon sky. (more…)
Culture Dose: Pickathon Preview
THE FESTIVAL FOUNDER DISCUSSES A MUSICAL EXPERIENCE YOU WON’T SOON FORGET When Zale Schoenborn talks about Pickathon, his passion is palpable, his excitement contagious. If you didn’t already think this annual music fest sounded like a blast before speaking with him, chances are you’ll be bee-lining to get your ticket the second you and Zale end your conversation. (more…)
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