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Interview with International Fashion Photographer Adam Katz Sinding
Three or four years ago, Adam Katz Sinding was one of the most respected, well-known names in fashion photography in the Pacific Northwest. Known for his discerning taste-level and dubbed the “Sartorlialist of Seattle” by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, his site, Le 21Eme, featured the most stylish and thought-provoking fashion subjects about Seattle proper. A full-fledged New Yorker now, we’re catching up with the Seattleite fashion photographer gone international. Seattleite: How have the past few years in NYC treated you? We’ve seen you in some highly coveted fashion magazines… (more…)
Summer Jet Set: Affordable Getaways
Travel the globe on a budget! With so many places to see and a limited amount of money hostels may be your only choice.  This sounds a bit scary considering their bad reputation, but these hostels have had a facelift!  So, skimp on your bill, but not on the comfort at these swanky hostels in some of the most coveted travel destinations. (more…)
Get Out & Go: Conference Championship Cities
Four powerhouse NFL squads, four must-visit American cities. The New England Patriots and the New York Giants will play in Super Bowl XLVI, following Sunday’s respective wins over the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Football aside, each of these four teams plays their home games in a truly remarkable city. Should you find yourself daydreaming during the big game on Sunday, Feb. 5, let your mind drift towards (more…)
Dynamic Seattleites: Sweet Tarte, Heather Ratushny
Trendsetting and trailblazing — this stylish beauty brings-on the glamour. From Bellevue to the Big Apple, Heather Ratushny has been making a splash in the beauty industry and experimenting with colorful products ever since her high-school days, which she spent working at a make-over portrait studio. (more…)
JetBlue Deals: Destinations For Less
Plan ahead this summer and fly without breaking the bank. The warm summer days bring the anxious sense of exploring the world around us. Warm weather captivates our attention and reminds us of a slower time. As summer approaches, finding a destination often depends on the price of an airline ticket. (more…)
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