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Mayer Hawthorne Makes Me Want Love Like That
This man about town hits the stage tonight at the Neptune Theater Photo courtesy of Collin Stark Have you found that perfect song that seems to be three dimensional and fulfill any mood you’re in? The one you blast while cleaning your 600sf closet you call a home, throw on the vinyl to clear the hazy air between friends, or had shazam spinning for so long you bought three pairs of pants at Nordstrom, all different sizes? Chances are that song came from Mayer Hawthorne. It’s like Marvin Gaye and George Clinton had a dapper, funky little love child that came out serenading the nurses. I’ve been lusting after this soulful powerhouse for seven years and counting, and might have grown (more…)
Newsies: Carrying the Banner Through the Paramount
Jack Kelly and the boys bring their A game to Seattle for a one week production The tour of Disney’s NEWSIES North American Tour original company. Photo by Deen van Meer. When I heard the NEWSIES production was making a stop in Seattle, I nearly shit the bed. Arguably the only early 90s musical worth watching outside of the Disney Renaissance, this was the kitchy soundtrack of my childhood (next to Big Willie Style and Killing Me Softly of course). I’m (more…)
Music Madness: Bumbershoot 2015 Day 1
Rain or shine, crowds piled into the Seattle Center for day 1 of Bumbershoot. Labor Day weather is certainly always hit or miss in Seattle, and as a Bumbershoot veteran, I can tell you that the rain and drastic rise in ticket pricing (and incredibly disorganized transition to an AEG hosted event from One Reel) didn’t stop anyone from attending the festival this year. Crowds (more…)
Music Madness: Steve Miller Band
Steve Miller’s Clan Turns Chateau Ste Michelle Into Swingtown  In 1956, a few twelve year old boys blew the roof off an SMU fraternity house, serenading the college crowd with a few Clover’s covers. Cue dozens of young ladies wishing their warm miller lite was one mint julep. One of those boys working the crowd that night had more rhythm and natural talent than half of the rock bands breaking into the industry today, and that little rock and roll legend was of (more…)
Music Madness: Allen Stone
Don’t Miss Stone’s Five Night Evolution of an Artist Series Across Seattle When I was first introduced to Allen Stone’s music many years ago, I’ll admit after hearing his soothing sexy voice, I didn’t picture him looking quite like he does; a scraggly blonde mop of curls flowing down his shoulders, big bottle glasses and a wide toothy grin. Allen embodies everything I love about the PNW culture, and he’s never pretended to be anything other than himself, nor has his (more…)
Musical Madness: MAMMA MIA!
Does Your Mother Know: A Candid Discussion with Sassy Mama Donna As an 80’s baby, I subconsciously became an ABBA fan long before I could comprehend an acronym, or the impact Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid would have on Pop music. My parents blared that Gold: Greatest Hits on repeat throughout my childhood, and it didn’t take long for me to realize, I was THE Dancing Queen. When the MAMMA MIA! musical first went into production several years (more…)
Music Madness: Ben Howard
Howard Finds Himself in I Forget Where We Were Who: Ben Howard established himself as a prominent UK folk artist with the release of his first album Every Kingdom back in 2011, a beautiful reflection of positivity,  and collection of catchy love lyrics sure to appeal to audiences everywhere. Each song on the album felt as if you were sharing a personal moment with the artist, yet just when you thought he might dive deep and reveal something bigger, he ended the trance and brought you back up with his cute hums, whistles, and winks. The album was a quintessential catch 22; I loved everything about it, the transition from Old Pine, to Everything and what (more…)
Music Madness: Land of the Sweets, Burlesque Nutcracker
A Very Naughty Christmas with Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann What:  In its ninth year running, Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann’s rendition of the Land of Sweets Burlesque Nutcracker offers Seattleites an exciting twist on the classic holiday production. With promises of stunning choreography, skillfully designed costumes and playful banter, you’re sure to wind up on the naughty list after attending a 2014 showing. Photo Courtesy of Scott Butner As the Land of Sweets approaches it’s 10th anniversary at the Triple Door, we were curious what has evolved in production over the past several years. “One of my absolute favorite moments to illustrate the evolution of the show is that the first year, Jasper and I sat on the floor for endless hours, (more…)
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