Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Summer Jet Set: Affordable Getaways
Travel the globe on a budget! With so many places to see and a limited amount of money hostels may be your only choice.  This sounds a bit scary considering their bad reputation, but these hostels have had a facelift!  So, skimp on your bill, but not on the comfort at these swanky hostels in some of the most coveted travel destinations. (more…)
Sexy Food: Destination Mexico
Escape the April showers and head to Zihuatanejo for a sunny culinary experience. The 2012 travel climate in Mexico is different than in years past. A combination of the depressed economy and media hype over the supposed dangers of traveling south of the border mean that the usually-thriving Mexican tourism industry is experiencing a lull. What this translates to for you, my little Seattle songbird, is mucho savings in the sand and sun. (more…)
Hot Weather Getaways
Escape the brutal cold in one of these hotspots! We all know what winter (probably) has in store for the Pacific Northwest. Not to worry — there are plenty of warm places where you can wear sandals, lounge by the pool and forget about the cold.  (more…)
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