Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Food Porn: Lloyd Martin
Quiet elegance at Queen Anne’s Lloyd Martin. In this edition of Food Porn, we feature Lloyd Martin, a neighborhood restaurant in Queen Anne, providing delicious dishes in an elegant and cozy space. Serving sophisticated comfort food, Lloyd Martin offers inspired dishes using seasonal and housemade ingredients. (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour: Lloyd Martin
Daily specials and original cocktails make this upper Queen Anne establishment worth the hike. There are few cases when not appearing to try to hard actually serves a purpose.  Rock n’ Roll comes to mind along with modern art and smoking cigarettes – all of which seem tied together in one blob of angst.  On a lighter note, I’m happy to add the rustic (but not superflously as many new restaurants make the mistake of – “These are authentic spider webs from 1925.”) interior of Lloyd Martin. (more…)
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