Thursday, December 13, 2018

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What’s Hot: Hilliard’s Beer
From basement to Ballard — this cold one is canned craft microbrew goodness. Beer brewing sagas tend to go something like this:  Beer-loving bosom buddies set out on a search to find respite from the nine-to-five drone of everyday life.  Armed with half-decent grades in high school chemistry and a “bourgeoning” interest in beer, the aforementioned friends decide to embark upon a brewing journey (more…)
Design Junkie Profile: Urbanata
See the new local home design showroom with international reach in SODO. Don’t let Urbanata’s company age fool you.  Though certainly young and fresh, one would be remiss to pinch her proverbial cheeks and call her “cute,” “naïve,” or “dainty.”  Take our word for it: she has more va-va-voom behind those showroom doors than her infant age betrays. (more…)
What’s Hot: Fashion at the Needle
Celebrate Seattle’s trendiest threads inside the city’s most iconic landmark. Whether painted orange (or more specifically “Galaxy Gold”) to pay homage to its original paint job in honor of its 50th  birthday or rocking the Sonics logo to show support for the team making it to the playoffs, the Space Needle is well-versed in making a splash. (more…)
What’s Hot: Golazo
Get hydrated and energized — the natural way — this soccer season. There are three things that Seattleites have come to love in recent years: things that are locally produced, things that are all-natural, and things that are related to soccer.  Mix them together, bottle them up, and you get Golazo, the newest sports drink to hit the Pacific Northwest. (more…)
New Grub Alert: Trace
Sustainable food made from “traceable” ingredients sourced from local purveyors. “What’s new next?” teased the signs hanging from the windows of the former Earth & Ocean, a restaurant well-known to those in the Pacific Northwest as a staple in the W Seattle Hotel.  After a three-month renovation (more…)
What’s Hot: Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at Finn MacCool’s
It’s bloodthirsty competition for the title and major bragging rights. Don’t be mistaken – there is no ironic, hidden message in this headline.  “Gaels” is not an Australian phonetic misspelling and to the delight of the fourth grader inside you, the Seattle Gaels actually host an annual Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) tournament. (more…)
Enjoy a Titillating V-Day: J’Adore Burlesque Show
Things will get a lil’ hot and steamy at the Triple Door this weekend. If you consider the outpouring of cliché Valentine’s Day roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, jewelry ads, lingerie commercials, or just all shades of red as exhausting, you have yet to see The Atomic Bombshells combine it all in their cheeky flair. (more…)
Superbowl Hot Spot: Rookies Sports Bar
Come celebrate an old Superbowl matchup in a new South Seattle venue. It’s déjà vu all over again: Superbowl XLVI features an all too-familiar Patriots-Giants matchup at the middle-of-almost-nowhere Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  While Seattleites may not have a hometown team to root for or a West Coast venue to gloat over, South Seattleites have a new local spot to mix things up – to band together and root against the East Coast team of their choosing this Superbowl. (more…)
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