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Corks+Forks: MEASURE’s Duck Confit and Stoller 2010 JV Estate Pinot Noir
Signing off from Seattleite’s Corks+Forks for the final column, Erin Thomas — out. It is the end of an era. No, I’m not talking about Monday’s Gossip Girl series finale, the Mayan calendar’s doomsday prediction or even the shuttering of Seattle restaurant icon Rover’s. I speak of this column with this writer — I am hanging my hat with SEATTLEITE. The pleasure has been all mine to drink and eat with you all for the past two years so I thank you for the company and not making me drink alone. Although I would do it anyway. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Behold the Glory of Murray’s Cheese
Murray’s 2012 explosion into the Northwest – We now know that they know cheese. The culture of Lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village has expanded into the greater Seattle area. Although we might strictly be speaking cheese, the legendary Murray’s Cheese has joined forces with The Kroger Co. (better known to Northwesterners as Fred Meyer and QFC) and is offering their elite selection of cultured cheese across the city. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Grub’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Hopworks HUB Lager
Eco-Conscious Lager Holds on for a ride to comfort town with Crispy Chicken Sandwich Stewardship isn’t a new concept in Portland, our green sister city of the south. However, the ethics of sustainability in beer was a imminent concern until Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) broke onto the scene in the rose city. HUB is Portland’s first Eco-Brewpub, with organic ales (more…)
Corks+Forks: Copperleaf’s Caramelized Diver Scallops and Domaine Drouhin “Arthur” Chardonnay
Highly-evolved, stewarded cuisine finds its diners on humble local grounds. Blocks from the tarmac at SeaTac Airport lies a staycation destination most Seattleites have only read about. Truth be told, it is near impossible to find via iPhone Maps as it is burrowed into gated communities, behind sleepy suburban ramblers and next door to a YMCA that serves as a landmark, the Cedarbrook Lodge has emerged onto the gastronomic scene – just a few miles further south than where the usual headliner lists its address. (more…)
Corks+Forks: The Whale Wins’ Sardine Toast and Côtes de Gascogne Blanc
Vegetable-inclined French Fare From A Locally-Grown Chef and Southwestern French White. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood light into the main dining room of Fremont’s most recent culinary development, The Whale Wins. Cool and soothing shades of blue paint the restaurant with an affability mirrored by the effervescent staff and the aromas of something salty roasting in the wood-fire oven draw diners in closer. (more…)
Corks+Forks: Le Pichet’s Roasted Chicken and Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
Outside of the pairing box with pumpkin beer and french down-home cuisine near the market. Once upon a time, in the mystical era of the 1990’s, three gallant beverage mercenaries forged their way into uncharted territory – the world of craft beer. Each bringing their individual talents to the mighty force of the collective group – one exhibiting finance, one sales and marketing (more…)
Corks+Forks: Luc’s Cassoulet and Cotes du Rhône Red
The Chef in the Hat’s traditional French dish with extreme value wine from a leading chateau. Winter is coming. The now illustrious quote from A Game of Thrones (both the HBO hit series and first book in the cult series of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin) is also actuality. Fall might have arrived last week but winter making its (more…)
Corks+Forks: Dinah’s Cheese at Lark and Morellino di Scansano
cheese dedicated to the cow it came from, served up and fresh at lark with sangiovese. Dinah’s Cheese is the story about a boy and his loyal… cow. Not quite the tale of Old Yeller, Benji or even Hooch, but Kurt Timmermeister and his cow, Dinah, have started a saga of their own on their Vashon Island ranch, Kurtwood Farms. (more…)
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