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New Cake Biz to Debut Pop Up at West Seattle’s Parliament Tavern This Thursday
Carrot Pineapple Brown Butter, Banana Rum, and S’mores. These are just some of Deep Sea Sugar & Salt’s delectable cake flavors you will find this Thursday, May 12th, at West Seattle’s Parliament Tavern. Gather your friends to enjoy a draft beer and munch on one (or two) cupcakes during the pub’s art exhibit, The Fancy Glovework: An Industrial Softball League (ISL) Artist Showcase, that will feature art in a variety of mediums by artists who participate in this league. Fig Cake (Photo credit: Mary Kalhor Photography) (more…)
In the Know: Lower Queen Anne Welcomes a Little Log Cabin with Big BBQ Taste
One of the many things this Misplaced Texan misses from the Lone Star State is some good ol’ barbeque. So it is no wonder that when I caught the smell of barbeque wafting through the air in my neighborhood, I followed it like a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon when he is physically compelled to float in midair toward a delicious meal.  Then I saw it: a tiny log cabin of a trailer known as the “Campfire Chuck Wagon” parked adjacent to Lower Queen Anne’s Citizen Café and Bar on the corner of Taylor Avenue North and Roy Street, just north of Mercer Street. (more…)
In the Know: Craft Beers from the Beehive State are Causing Quite the Buzz
When one thinks of Utah, the last thought that pops in one’s mind is “beer.” Well friends, having just visited this lovely state, I am pleased to debunk the myth that it is a dry state…er, meaning alcohol is not consumed. Dry in climate? Yes—ten times yes. Dry in alcohol? Definitely not. (more…)
Sweat Seattle: Sign up for April’s Earth Day 5K Run
Now that springtime is here, we have no excuses for not lacing up our running shoes and hitting the pavement. After all, didn’t fitness make our New Year’s resolution lists this year (again)? Therefore, consider registering for Seattle magazine’s second annual Earth Day 5K Run 2014 (more…)
In the Know: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Randal
South Lake Union’s Whole Foods’ Spike + Steam, a beer, wine, and cider bar, is home to “Randal, the Enamel Animal”, a counter top infuser providing customized flavors to any beverage, including growler refills ($14.99-$20), at no additional charge. (more…)
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