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The Bar Method/Michelle Strub
The Radar: The Bar Method’s 60-Day Challenge For Charity
Out of the corner of my eye I see two svelte-shaped people walking towards the sidewalk to The Bar Method front door, hand-in-hand and looking in love as ever. For a second I think to myself, “Is that Sean and Catherine (of ‘The Bachelor’)?” I know Catherine is one of Seattle’s Bar Method ambassadors for the upcoming 60-Day Challenge but I soon realize there’s no way she’s back from press tours yet. After all, “The Bachelor” finale just aired a few days ago and I’d think she’d be in La-La-Land to support Sean’s stint on “DWTS.” (more…)
Meatless Mondays: St. Dames
The gluten-free and vegan options at funky St. Dames in Rainier Valley were worth the trip. I’m soul-ed. No idea how I haven’t heard of this vegan-friendly place before, but I’m glad I did one more search on Google to introduce me to it. (more…)
Molly Mesnick/Evado PR
The Radar: “The Fashion of Fitness” With Molly Mesnick
If you’ve been wondering what Molly Mesnick, the runner-up-turned-ultimate-winner of Seattle dad Jason’s “The Bachelor” season, has been up to, look no further than Pure Barre. The local celebrity and former “Bachelor” contestant is currently pregnant with her and Jason’s first child and is yet another “Bachelor” alum who is also a barre advocate (see: Lindzi Cox and Catherine Giudici for The Bar Method). (more…)
Engstrom Public Relations
Seattle Sound Bites: Stars in the City
Last week in Seattle – Stars in the City. And I’m not talking of the astrological sort. (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Veggie Grill
All the kinks of the Veggie Grill chain have surely been ironed out. Seattle welcomes you warmly. With ten already established restaurants bearing the same name outside of Washington, Veggie Grill had to be sure its introduction to Seattle was flawless. South Lake Union was the first honored host ‘hood and what a strategic move, indeed. Its modern feel, bright service and full menu offer the SLU crowd (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Urbane
The CSA menu in downtown’s Urbane is fresh to death. Urbane serves up deliberate and elegant combinations with honest ingredients. Swank. Let’s just say Fifty Shades of Grey ain’t got nothing on this sexy review. Urbane first introduced this concept in May of this year, partnering with Chinook Farms of Snohomish, WA and their CSA program to create a new weekly menu only served on (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Cafe Venus
This is a supernova cafe and I am a supernova bebe. The planet Venus and South Lake Union’s little Café Venus have a couple things in common. It’s not the furthest place to travel to and it’s hot as effing fire. I walked to this vegan-friendly spot and was showered with lunarious options to rotate through. Check it. (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Loving Hut
Loving Hut serves plates of smiling golden prosperous vegan love. Asians love them some flowery adjectives. They truly make you curious as to how blissful their cuisine, nail art and massage skills are. Well, Loving Hut in the ID can keep the excited descriptors coming because their vegan food is happy magic virtuosity. (more…)
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