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Seattleite Spotlight: Instrumental Icon Kenny G
The jazz sensation returns to his hometown for a concert series later this month. For all intents and purposes, Kenneth Gorelick enjoyed a typical Seattle childhood. He grew up in the Seward Park neighborhood, attended Franklin High School and eventually enrolled at the University of Washington. At age 10, he began playing the alto saxophone – and the rest, as they say, is music history. (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Renaissance Man Ed Cunningham
From Rose Bowl champion to Oscar winner. Ed Cunningham has enjoyed a truly distinguished football career. His achievements include five seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL (one with the Seahawks), a 15-year network broadcasting career and a 2011 Academy Award for producing the high school gridiron documentary, Undefeated. But before all that, Cunningham was beloved by Seattleites as the (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Pat Walker of 3 Point Productions
Meet the man behind many of our city’s most exciting sporting events. Name any local sports team, and chances are homegrown entrepreneur Pat Walker has worked with them. For more than a decade, this UW alum has produced a multitude of sporting events, from lacrosse matches to women’s basketball games. His latest venture is 3 Point Productions (3PT), a company he co-founded with two longtime associates, Todd Albright and Matt Heuer, in January 2012. (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Doug Clerget of Dollar Per Month
Saving the world, one dollar at a time. Though he’s only 33, Doug Clerget has already notched some truly impressive achievements, including a certificate in financial management from Wharton, a successful career as a real estate broker/developer and his recent appearance as a contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’. But two things matter most of all (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: J.P. Canlis of Canlis Glass
The world-renowned glass artist discusses his fascinating medium — and surfing. Though he has dabbled in business management, art education and pro surfing, Jean-Pierre Canlis is considered one of the most prolific glass artists working today. An alumnus of the famed Pilchuck Glass School and a former protégé of legendary glass artist Dale Chihuly, the Hawaii native is best known (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes
From mason jar cakes to boozy shakes. Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery has satisfied sweet-toothed Seattleites since chocolatier Autumn Martin founded the company in 2008. I recently joined Ms. Martin at Caffe Vita in Seward Park, where she shared some secrets of the chocolate trade. (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Jeannie Liu of Miro Tea
Seattle’s other hot beverage scene, according to a homegrown expert. In 2007, Jeannie Liu decided to open her own teashop. Her family already owned and operated a pair of teen-friendly bubble tea hangouts, and she wanted to strike out on her own. So she and her husband found some property in downtown Ballard–and five years later, Miro Tea is one of the most popular teashops in Seattle. (more…)
New Year Libations: Liberty Bar’s Bakon L’Orange
Vegetarians beware — this cocktail is for carnivores only. (more…)
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