Thursday, December 13, 2018

Seattleite Spotlight: Organizing Expert Josie Floyd

An interview with Josie Floyd, founder of Superfine Home, a home organization service that helps you discover space, clarity and well-being through living with less. We love her motto, “want better, not more”.

Josie Floyd. Photo by Mackenzie Smith.

Seattleite: How did you get started in this business?

Josie: I started Superfine Home to help people achieve simplicity and find peace of mind. I worked in experiential production for over a decade and wanted to apply my ‘getting-stuff-done’ expertise to positively affect individuals’ lives. I find it to be hugely rewarding to help someone get comfortable in their most intimate spacetheir homeand live their life with more clarity.  

Can you tell us more of the services you offer?

“Discard and Discover” is by far my most popular offering. I work with each client to sort through their belongings, then create an organizational system for the remaining items that works for the space.

Photo by Sarah Bode Clark.

What can potential clients expect from Superfine Home?

You will walk away from the decluttering experience with a newfound sense of clarity and relief.

In terms of the actual process, I start all projects with a complimentary consultation. I want you to be comfortable with me in your home because it’s an intimate space for your and your family! I visit with you and get a better idea of what your concerns are.

The next step is discarding unnecessary items. This is the toughest part for most people as there is a lot of guilt and anxiety tied to objects. After I sort belongings by category I go through each item with the client and help determine next steps. I encourage clients to ask themselves: Do you need it? Love it? Use it? If you answer ‘no’ to the questions above, I suggest removing it from your living space. Try not to get caught up in the perceived value of the object. Instead, focus on the true value it brings to your life right now.  At the end of the session I remove the discarded items, which helps people immediately see the space and not stress about follow-through.

What tips do you have for staying organized once the initial organization is complete?

One in, one out. If you’re bringing something into the space, take a look at why you’re adding it, and what, if anything, can be removed to make way for that new item. It’s an easy principle that helps to maintain that critical organizational balance.

Follow Josie on Instagram at @superfine_home for daily organization + tidying inspiration.

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