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Passport to Woodinville: Wine Lovers’ Paradise

Woodinville’s favorite wine tasting weekend is back and better – and longer – than ever!

Fear not, thirsty Seattleites — a unique wine country opportunity lies just over the Sammamish River Valley. Though the city of Woodinville boasts the wildly popular Red Hook Brewery, as well as several locally sourced restaurants like Herbfarm, the community is best known for its thriving wine scene. Now with nearly 80 wineries bonded with the state, the Woodinville Wine Country offers an exclusive wine tasting experience just half an hour from the city.

Photo: Woodinville Wine Cellars

Celebrating its 11th birthday in 2011, Passport to Woodinville is the most famous among the annual WWC events. Every spring, guests flock to this festive celebration, known for its tasty bites, live music and — most importantly — open doors to all participating tasting rooms.

This year, WWC is proud to announce it is expanding the length of Passport to six weeks, from April 16th to May 31st. With six full weeks to cover the ground that was previously done in just one weekend, Cynthia Dasté, executive director for Woodinville Wine Country, says the changes to the program should allow ticket holders to enjoy the event at a more leisurely pace.

“When Passport debuted in 2000, there were less than two dozen wineries in Woodinville,” Dasté said. “By extending the length of the program, we hope to give consumers more opportunities to discover some of Woodinville’s hidden gems as well as the chance to visit their favorites.”

Those gems are in the eye of the wine glass beholder, as Passport allows consumers to pick through 40 wineries to visit during the event. Best of all, the $75 pass is good for the festival’s entire six week run.

Photo: Passport to Woodinville

As the party kicks off this weekend, some of Seattle’s favorite food on wheels, such as Skillet Street Food and Bistro Box, will also be on hand to provide some much-needed sustenance.

Music from the old-time string band, The Tallboys, can be found at Baer Winery while the “Queen of Ivory Soul,” May Palmer, will be performing at Edmonds Winery. Many wineries are boasting limited-time offers and discounts as well.

It goes without saying that the star of the show, the wine itself, isn’t too shabby either. Consumers will have the opportunity to taste wines they might not otherwise be able to afford. Passport also gives attendees the chance to shake the hands of the winemakers and owners, as well as enjoy the company of other Seattle area wine lovers.

Click here to view a full list of participating wineries and purchase tickets. Tickets are only being sold through Saturday, April 16th so make sure you have yours in hand when entering your choice winery.

Remember to have fun and drive safe! If you have a large group, SP Plus Transportation Northwest offers wine country shuttles for the afternoon.

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