Friday, January 18, 2019

Music Madness: Passion Pit with Matt & Kim

Rock out with Matt & Kim and get carried away with Passion Pit at the Paramount.

Passion Pit

Can you think of a better opener for Michael Angelakos’ life project Passion Pit than the ever adorable rock duo Matt & Kim?! Big thank you to whoever arranged the perfect match! Their timelines for how they developed from fun loving people playing with instruments to master musicians are in-sync- as Matt & Kim had not ever picked up their instruments just a few years before they were showered with love from fans at Lalapalooza, and Michael Angelakos probably had no idea the track he created for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift would spiral and create a widespread following of fans, giving chunk of change an entirely new meaning.  I saw Passion Pit back in fall of 2008 in Portland, after they had just performed at Sasquatch the previous summer, and although Michael’s hair is much tamer, his live performance has only been energized and is wilder than ever. Their performance at the Paramount will by far be one of the best STG has presented this year, and surely carry you away.

Matt and Kim

When: Tuesday March 5th, doors 6:30 PM show at 7:30PM, tickets are $33.25 here

[tentblogger-youtube DiEwJTOderQ]

Passion Pit with Matt & Kim |Tuesday March 5th| Paramount Theater

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