Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Music Madness: Local Natives

Get Wide Eyes After Everything at the Neptune

localnatives-03fd38d0c669e3d71ff031aebcebafce930feb4c-s6-c10Who: It seems the UK is always one step ahead of us in the music realm; they have the Beatles, blessed the world with Phil Colins and Ben Howard, and were following the Local Natives long before we’d ever heard of them! These Los Angeles boys got their big break after the release of their  Gorilla Manor album, with captivating hits like world news and airplanes stealing the hearts of the indie generations to come. It’s been a few years, stages, and festivals, since I first saw them perform at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, but the band still continues to utilize those moments when life unexpectedly happens and heartaches fuel the music. With the release of their second album Hummingbird in January, they’ve incorporated new instruments and arrangements, and bring their heavy boots to the stage, after life brought them broken relationships, and an unexpected death in the family. Ceilings is a fun track true to their style, but the one to seek out on this album is Colombia, a song swollen with emotion, a son’s true love for his mother unearthed.

Where: Friday April 26th, and Monday April 29th doors at 8:00PM show at 9:00PM at the Neptune Theater

[tentblogger-youtube L1dFjloBZYo]

Local Natives | April 26th & 29th | Neptune Theater


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