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Music Madness: Allen Stone @ Chateau Ste Michelle


Allen Stone

Who: Allen Stone was a wonderful sight for the eyes and ears at last year’s Bumbershoot Festival, and I am delighted he has returned to Seattle to dazzle the Eastside at the beautiful Chateau Ste Michelle. Allen Stone has not quite attained the level of national praise  he deserves, but I’d put money on his rise to the top of the charts in upcoming months with his new Capitol record deal, and Forbes Magazine mention for best musicians under 30. In the mix of young artists, Stone brings a unique flavor of neo-soul and R&B to the table, and a truly mesmerizing voice wise beyond his years.  While most 80’s babies grew up listening to TLC and New Kids on the Block, Stone’s music has a clear influence from listening to 60’s and 70’s Soul and R&B, and a touch of that son of a Preacher sound. His new-age R&B style has really opened the gates to a larger fanbase, with new parents and aging grandparents appreciating his ties to grassroots Soul, and recent grads and teenagers connecting with his catchy lyrics.

His debut album Last to Speak  and his 2nd album self titled Allen Stone have gained widespread success on iTunes, all while recorded independently under his own Stickystones label, and after a successful year touring in 2013 and appearing on shows like Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live, it is safe to assume Allen Stone is truly one in a Million. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening than with a plastic cup of Michelle’s Canoe Ridge Estate Syrah in my hand, and the soulful snarl of Mr. Stone serenading the masses. According to his Facebook page, Stone’s organ player can string a few things together in the kitchen too, and is offering an exclusive 3-course pop up dinner with wine backstage before the show for 8 lucky guests – for FREE! Check out Stone’s Facebook page for details, and don’t miss his inspirng set in Woodinville this week!

Chateau St Michelle

Photo Courtesy of Will Austin Photography

Where: Friday June 13th at 7:00pm @ Chateau Ste Michelle Winery tickets $61.25 here

Allen Stone | Friday June 13th, 7:00pm | Chateau Ste Michelle Winery

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