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Motown Music is the Worst – Said NO ONE EVER

Walk in Motown mogul Berry Gordy’s shoes at the Paramount Theater

Motown the Musical

The Temptations. MOTOWN THE MUSICAL First National Tour. Photo courtesy of Joan Marcus, 2014

Motown is arguably the single most influential music of all time – and you can thank Berry Gordy, music mogul and founder of Motown records, for virtually every great 1960-80s sensation that came out of that era. Everyone from the Supremes,  Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and SO, so many more. Motown the Musical walks you through Gordy’s fascinating rise through a short-lived boxing career and a pretty predictable hollywood romance with Diana Ross, to a fiercely dedicated life as a successful songwriter.

Produced by tony award winner Kevin McCollum, Chariman and CEO of SONY music entertainment Doug Morris and Berry Gordy himself, Motown the Musical features over 40 of the greatest hits including “Baby I Need Your Lovin” “My Girl” and “Aint No Mountain High Enough” that will have you nodding your head and humming the hits all week long. Berry Gordy (played by Chester Gregory) demands your attention while on stage – just as everyone from Diana Ross to show stealer pint-sized Michael Jackson and each ensemble member demonstrates a unanimous meticulous effort to make you feel like a fly on the wall in a revolutionary moment in history. At a typifying time when race is an ever present topic in American politics today, it’s interesting to go back and remember during the height of the racial divide, music was able to send a ripple effect through the nation to break barriers and stimulate change in America. Don’t miss Motown the Musical May 31- June 12th at the Paramount Theater.

Motown the Musical           |               May 31-June 12th, 2016           |            Paramount Theater

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