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Meatless Mondays: Mighty-O Donuts

Glaze over Mighty-O’s organic vegan donuts. You’ll discover your publicly approved ‘O’ face.

Mighty-O Donuts in Tangletown offers flavors that you can’t help but want to try. Don King? Topless Chocolate? Blueberry Monster? Collect ‘em all.

The only certified organic donut shop is vegan. And close enough to be in your own backyard. Sustainability and creativity swarm the charming café in Tangletown and have an equally considerate voice in tons of Seattle (and even places in Oregon!) shops and markets.

Mighty-O’s sweet, but not super sticky sweet donuts are made with real honest ingredients and you can really taste the organic goodness. (You can even check their site for all the nutritional knowledge. A host of delightful info!) Each donut is also a perfectly petite size so you can taste a bunch and not feel overly sugarfied. But you’ll be full. For a minute. Welcome to vegan-hood!


Mighty-O Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut

Mighty-O Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut


Chocolate Peanut Butter “O” This newer donut brings a salty smack to the sweet treat. No one can deny the power of chocolate and peanut butter together—it’s a perfect combination. An inevitable pairing, this little guy tastes like an organic Reese’s peanut butter cup in the form of a donut. As a kid, I cherished those little orange packages and now, I have a more appropriate way to satisfy my vegan adult self. Its thick frosting has a similar texture to the granulated peanut butter filler of a true Reese’s and the zigzag design on top makes it just as fun to eat!


Mighty-O Blueberry Monster Donut

Mighty-O Blueberry Monster Donut


Blueberry Monster “O” If this donut were a monster, I would deem it Sully from the Disney Pixar film—a cuddly blue sweetheart that’s good and honest. The only difference is size. Like all Mighty-O’s, they aren’t too big to handle. It tastes like a blueberry muffin or pancake with full blueberries upping the ante. This is a tasty flavor. The pretty pink icing lightly graces the whole donut, but screams with flavor. I shall call you Sully, you shall be mine and you shall be my Sully. If you go in and they don’t have any, you’ll know why. Because they’re mine.


Mighty-O Maple Bar

Mighty-O Maple Bar


Maple Bar These traditional and ubiquitous donuts are pretty low maintenance and no one expects too much from donuts that are served in every 7-Eleven. I just wanted to make sure this one tasted like a true maple bar. The dough has exactly the same texture and fluffiness that you would assume. Mmm…MMM! Light and airy with the perfect dough to glaze ratio. But it was super sweet and not as maple-y as I hoped. Still, a great choice if you are craving some nostalgia. Or if you aren’t anywhere near a vegan 7-Eleven.


Mighty-O Strawberry Jelly Donut

Mighty-O Strawberry Jelly Donut


Strawberry Jelly-filled I’ll admit my Freshman-15 can be attributed to powdered jelly-filled donuts and fresh biscuits. Thanks Pullman! Had a Mighty-O factory been in Eastern Washington, it could have been only a Freshman-9. The jelly wasn’t a neon goo—none of that fake ish here!—it was real jelly filling. It was a surprise considering my weakness for the ones in college, but a refreshing upgrade nonetheless. Each “O” looks picture perfect with powdered sugar covering the significant yet light doughy circle. These go quickly every morning so make sure you get there early. That tells you what everyone else thinks of this flavor :)


Mighty-O 6-Pack

Mighty-O 6-Pack

You can count on Mighty-O to satisfy your quirky cravings but still traditional enough not to be kitschy. Bring one of each flavor to a meeting to add some fun or try a different donut daily. I haven’t tried them all, but don’t think I haven’t started the collection! I’ll get there, now it’s your turn to find your favorite. A sweet petite cup of vegan gravy, I tell you. Cloned wearing different hats with different names. What a cute image!

Mighty-O Donuts | 2110 N 55th St,  Seattle | (206) 547-0335

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