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March Foodie Madness: Best Sweet Spots, Le Reve Bakery

Photo: Nelson Miyazaki

WHERE: Le Reve Bakery | 1805 Queen Anne Ave., N. Seattle | (206) 623-7383

CRAVE FACTOR:As if it were even possible, Queen Anne is getting better.

A few new additions have helped it get there with a foodie-centric restaurant, a sustainable sandwich joint, a flirty-named cupcake shop and now a bakery claiming to bring a “little bit of Paris” to the hill.

Le Reve Bakery, which is French for “the dream,” was exactly that for co-owners Andrea Nakata and Sharon Fillingim. Although neither look like they consume the butter-based, cheese and meat-stuffed, flaky bread delicacies of France, these ladies know how to serve it.

Bringing on pastry chef Honor Amourall with 30 years of experience in her trade and bread baker chef Jason Gere, who hails from some of Seattle’s most beloved (i.e. Salty’s and Purple Cafe), the menu is small, varying from saccharine to savory and altogether inviting and enticing for the sweet and the salt lovers.

A staple in French cuisine and yet a guilty pleasure for the American diet, Le Reve focuses on pastries, embellishing a core part of their menu to the art of the croissant. Plain, twice-baked almond, ham and cheese, cream cheese, fruit and of course, the grandest morsel of them all — the chocolate croissant.

As if created by the hands of a greater power, the buttery flakes were parted and blessed with a hunk of dark chocolate, then sealed up and baked to reach a textural paradise.

More sweets to sample: Fresh fruit tarts, dessert-stuffed brioche, cinnamon twist and lemon mousse individual sized cake.

The savory segments: Bread pudding, Croque Monsieur, the Gobbler sandwich (turkery, gouda, caramelized onions) and the broccoli-leek soup.

The bakery is open Wednesday through Monday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., starting lunch at 11:30 a.m. sharp.

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  1. Great article Erin, thank you for featuring Le Reve, but our phone
    # is listed incorrectly. It should be 206 623-7383

    thank you-

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