Sunday, May 20, 2018

March Foodie Madness: Best Happy Hour, Sip

best happy hour

Photo: Jon Meyer

WHERE: SIP |  909 5th Ave., Seattle | (206) 682-2779

CRAVE FACTOR: Dark, mysterious, but yet comfortable — am I bringing to question your newest love interest, or your newest pick for happy hour fun? Possibly both, but I’ll speak to the one I know, that being Sip.

Located at 5th and Madison across from the downtown library, Sip offers comfort and refined eats when memorizing recently checked out poetry. Their menu can even read like a limerick at times, meats and veggies and fruits co-existing together in culinary bliss.

Keeping in line with the pizza improvement efforts, Sip has created their version with Italian sausage, a rustic tomato sauce (I’m sure that doesn’t mean spoiled) mozzarella, oregano, and toscano extra virgin olive oil. Before my visit I discussed the menu with a former employee, and this dish topped his list. I can’t put the flatbread above the sliders, but it wasn’t far behind.

Cocktails wise, the Sip list is full of classics and new concoctions. I love seeing a supped-up negroni and old fashioned, but Sip’s cross-sections of gin, champagne, and a lot in-between make an interesting house cocktail named the French 75. Oddities or not, there’s plenty to match up with against the edible options.

FAST FACT: If you have one bite and one bite only: Sip Sweet Roll Sliders. First, the slider has to be one of the best inventions ever conceived (right next to 3-in-1 men’s body wash), and Sip’s version takes it a step further, allowing the addition of bacon and avocado. You had me at bac…

About Jon Meyer

Ever since Jon was born in Ellensburg, WA, he’s been eating. Now 27 and fully grown, food has transitioned away from sustenance to more of a passion. Years in the fine dining world and countless hours watching Top Chef have left him spoiled and wanting more — some kind of curse. But he’s happy living through that curse as Seattleite’s food aficionado. Pick up a copy of Jon’s book, Mustache May, or read his Seattle PI blog, The Belltown Blocks.
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