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Labels with Luster: Stottle Winery 2008 Sangiovese

Seattleite gets a sneak peek at the spanking new Stottle Winery.

We’re hip. We’re with it. We’re so in the know that this is a first look at Stottle Winery. Founded by Amy and Josh Stottlemyer, Stottle publicly opened its doors yesterday with wines available and ready to for your purchasing pleasures today.

Photo: Sangiovese Brand 2008

Tucked into an industrial complex in the big city of Lacey, Washington, the Stottlemeyers took their passion for wine and vowed to portray the thing they love in its true expression. In an ode to the vine that leads to the wine, Stottle’s unique packaging demonstrates their devotion to the land that provides their grapes.

Sourcing fruit from a several of the top and oldest vineyards in the state, including Elerding and Sagemoor, Stottle proclaims on their Web site that “like a sculptor must find the statue incased in the stone, so must a winemaker find the perfect expression of that grape.”

Stottle is producing a few key players in the Washington wine market for their inaugural vintage including Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Sangiovese. Due in June, aViognier will be released that the Stottlemeyers said could rival Chardonnay in the world of white wines.

With only 160 cases made, we were able to score a bottle of the 2008 Sangiovese before its official release. At $24 a bottle retail, this 100% Sangiovese is solely from the Elerding Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills appellation.

Wisely so, words that describe the wine are floating out of the bottle that is slapped on the label of the wine. “Delightful,” “bright” and “juicy” all fall onto their list and we agree.

Just like true Sangioveses that come originally from the Chianti region of Italy, this is significantly a food wine. Pair it with something as simple as pizza or jazz it up with pappardelle and Bolognese, the vibrant acid and salacious fruit will fit cheese and tomato sauce like a glove.

Stottle Winery is open for tastings Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 6pm so strike while the iron is hot and get on the remaining 159 cases that Seattleite didn’t drink.

Stottle Winery | 2641, Willamette Dr. NE Suit C, Lacey | (360) 515-0356

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  1. Free wine tasting ends this weekend! Come visit us for free chocolate and wine this Saturday, May 7th & Sunday, May 8th 11am-6pm! Bring mom in to celebrate Mother’s Day!

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