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In the Know: Ski Idaho & Idaho Tourism Kick Off The Winter Season With An Intimate Wine & Dine Affair

Despite popular opinion, Idaho has way more to offer than taters’, like fresh powder, choice cuts, and outdoor adventures. 

Ski Idaho and Idaho Tourism recently visited our neck of the woods to share the splendor that is their white-washed slopes at Seattle’s Ski Dazzle show the weekend of November 8-10th at the Century Link Center. Their participation in the annual ski and snowboarding exhibition was a precursor to a slew of snow capped promotions set to debut this holiday season; including a series of Idaho themed displays premiering at Pacific Place after Thanksgiving, a winter fashion installation in collaboration with Eddie Bauer, and travel packages and majestic tree displays in conjunction with major Seattle holiday fundraisers.


Photo Provided by Ski Idaho.

Often labeled by outdoor enthusiasts as the “soul of skiing” and snowboarding Idaho is comprised of 18 ski areas teeming with various recreational options in the high to low price range. Daily lift tickets can run you as little as $20, while season passes range between $150 to $250 depending on the resort. With more than 28,000 vertical feet and 20,000 skiable acres, a mere $20 never took you so far. Not a skier or a snowboarder? According to their picturesque travel guides, Idaho offers everything from tubing to snowshoeing in the winter, to kayaking, mountain biking, and parasailing in the summer. I’m intrigued! Located only about fives hours away from our emerald city, Idaho just might be the place for a whimsical winter wonderland escape from the downtown hustle and bustle. It’s no Aspen, but it sure is close.

idaho dinner 016

Dinner at the Georgetown Stables. Photo by Abiola Akanni.

The ski and snowboarding aficionados of Idaho kicked off their promo tour with a protein rich dinner prepared and perfected by El Gaucho head chef, Steve Cain, at the kitsch Georgetown Stables on Thursday, November 7th. The intimate space was brimming with well known host reps from the Idaho Wine Commission, affluent resorts, and other ski exhibitors. Guests were greeted with an assortment of wines and hor deorves before being ushered to their tables for the main event – dinner!

idaho dinner 017

Homestead Natural Foods Organic Angus Beef. Photo by Abiola Akanni.

The menu was nothing short of fabulous, with a four course layout that included fresh water trout, rack of pork loin, organic angus beef, and a snowflake inspired cake. Our favorite: the organic angus beef provided by Homestead Natural Foods in Middleton, Idaho. Despite their unsurpassed association with potatoes, Idaho’s premium cut beef is lauded as some of the best in the United States by food critics, and is so finger licking good that a pound of filet mignon can run you about $100. The ample cut was sensually tender and literally melted into mini meat filaments in your mouth. Plus, we loved seeing Homestead partner, Bill Gale, in his Sunday best donning an iconic cowboy hat and tawny colored blazer with a western inspired yoke.

Plan your next big adventure this winter season somewhere that packs, ya know, big adventure, and check out Idaho’s ski lodges, resorts, and activities at

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