Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happenin’ Happy Hour: Hunger

When it comes to Happy Hours, the world is filled with good ones. Good food, good prices, a good venue. Nothing to write home about, but good enough. If you want something truly spectacular look no further than Hunger’s Spring happy hour taking place in their stunning new space right in the heart of Seattle’s Fremont. From comfort food to elegant cuisine there truly is something for everyone, especially when paired up with one of their signature libations.

Especially delicious when paired with a glass of Cava.

Especially delicious when paired with a glass of Cava.

Must Have Eats: No one is going hungry at this Happy Hour that offers a menu featuring twists on the classics and a general elevation of flavor and creativity thanks to husband and wife team Brian Brooks and Jaime Mullins-Brooks. The Mac & Cheese made with Smoked Gouda ($7) served hot in a 6″ cast iron skillet is perfect when paired with a glass of the Happy Hour Cava ($5). The Diablo Chermoula Shrimp from the regular menu (less than $10 with the Happy Hour discount of 25%) is an incredibly fun dish that is truly brought to the next level thanks to the milho frito and housemade sausage that accompany it. The Empanadas (less than $5 with the Happy Hour discount) are an absolute must, made with Piri Piri Braised Pork, Curry Aioli, and Pickled Onion.

Must Have Drinks: For those really looking for a deal the Hamm’s & Bourbon (aka Beer and a Shot) is a steal at $5. You might be tempted by other Happy Hour drink options however such as the Martinis, Manhattans, or Draft Beers also all just $5 at the bar. Feeling like splurging? Get the Santarem ($10) a surprisingly pleasing creation made with house-infused harissa vodka, cucumber, lemon, and cava.

Happy Times: Everday, 4p -6p

Paella made with whatever is seasonal and fresh seafood, house made sausage, chicken, piquillo, saffron rice, and harissa.

Paella made with seasonal and fresh seafood, house made sausage, chicken, piquillo, saffron rice, and harissa.

The Inside Scoop: In addition to their Happy Hour menu at the bar, each day during happy hour all regular menu items are also 25% off, including their famous dishes such as the Paella and Pappardelle Pasta.

Hunger | 3601 Fremont Ave N, Seattle| (206) 402-4854

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