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We tried Frozen Garden’s Ready-to-Blend Smoothies and here’s what we thought

On mornings I’m hurrying out the door, quick and nutritious breakfast solutions are a life-saver. Frozen Garden makes it easy to get some nourishment in the morning. I pair my smoothies with a handful of nuts, overnight oats, or a couple of hard-boiled eggs. These ready-to-blend smoothies offer a base of dark leafy greens and nutrient-dense foods and are delivered to your door. 

There’s no washing, peeling, chopping, rotting food in the fridge, or looking for a recipe! Each smoothie is perfectly portioned and made with whole, real ingredients including fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices—with no added sugar or chemical preservatives. Go from freezer to blender to glass in less than two minutes. Everything is also gluten, dairy, and soy free. 

Detox Green Smoothie. Photo credit: Frozen Garden.


Frozen Garden currently offers two sizes. A regular size smoothie makes 20 ounces when blended and junior size smoothies are 12 ounces when blended. Just add 1 1/2 cup of liquid—I tried it with water and almond milk and both were good. Almond milk will give you a slightly thicker consistency, but you can also achieve a similar effect by using just 1 cup versus the recommended 1 1/2 cup of water. 

DO AHEAD: Smoothies can be blended and kept in the refrigerator for up to two days. Frozen Garden currently offer nine different flavors. 


The 20-oz smoothies are $6.99 each and the 12-oz are $4.49 each. There’s no subscription necessary, so you choose when you want another smoothie delivery. Minimum purchase of $35 per order plus shipping costs (see below). 

Shipping & Delivery

Frozen Garden ships every Monday via FedEx Ground service. All orders placed by Sunday at midnight will be shipped on Monday. Depending on where you live, your smoothies will arrive between Tuesday and Friday. Shipping is free for orders over $125 and half off any orders over $75. 

Shipping to Seattle will cost you about $35. With orders over $75, it drops down to about $17. However, at those prices, it probably only makes sense if you order at least $125 (which translates to 18 smoothies). 

Located just outside Chicago, Frozen Garden sources local ingredients, when available, from farms within 100 miles of their headquarters. Frozen Garden smoothies are currently available at nearly 100 stores in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. For everyone else, they deliver right to your door. 


The smoothies are tasty and I love that you can use water (no added cost!) as the liquid component. They blend up easily in less than a minute. Smoothies from other competitors take a bit of shaking and stirring to blend up. 

It’s more affordable per serving than other subscription smoothie options on the market, but the shipping costs do require you to commit to a bigger order than you might otherwise want, especially for the first order. I would order again, but would love if they gave customers a discount on the first order or free shipping. 

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