Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fantastic Films: Black Beauty Breed

Don’t Miss This Enlightening Documentary Screening on Thursday August 7th

Black Beauty Breed

If Hollywood were any indication of what to expect in real life, we would believe boosting cars like Vin Diesel was cake, and having our vehicles morph into our best friend Optimus Prime at dusk was an average Tuesday night. If we know these cinematic dreams aren’t reality,  why is it that when we see an angry rottweiler attack the mailman on a sitcom, we laugh knowingly, and assume the bully breed got its name for a reason. Director/Producer Angie Ruiz created the documentary Black Beauty Breed to showcase the positive character traits and inherent working ability of this intelligent and loving breed, and give you a reason or two not to believe everything you’ve read about in the media. Did you know that rottweilers have keen versatility as search and rescue dogs across America, and are also effective therapy dogs, and successful competitors in sports such as agility, nose work, and even herding? The Rottweiler breed is one of the oldest in the books, dating back to ancient Roman times. They are a loyal, loving and intuitive breed that could certainly be one of the most misunderstood, right up there with the Pitbull and Doberman.

Black Beauty Breed is an inspiring tale of the loving relationship between humans and their pets, and if you’re curious about just how amazing this breed truly is, you won’t want to miss the screening at Pacific Place. When asked why Seattle should be excited about this documentary, Ruiz said “There aren’t many informative breed documentaries, if any, that are about one breed of dog. Black Beauty Breed is the first film of its kind to focus solely on Rottweilers to highlight their positive character traits and working ability.” We should also be excited about the screening, because one of the film’s featured stars is a local pooch. “There are several Rottweiler clubs and rescues in the state of Washington,” said Ruiz. “In fact, one of the champion herding dogs featured in the film – C’Zar Roc – hails from Washington. I feel there will be an enthusiastic and appreciative audience in Seattle for the film.” Don’t miss this one time exclusive screening next week at Pacific Place. Tickets must be purchased in advance here.

When: Thursday August 7th, 7:30pm @ AMC Pacific Place. Tickets must be purchased via TUGG website here.

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