Friday, February 22, 2019

Embrace The “Short Run”

Your guide to Seattle’s first annual small press fest.

It should come as no surprise that in 2011, Seattle was dubbed the second most literate city in the nation.  Our city is abundant in local bookstores and public libraries, and we Seattleites are known to nerd out with Kindles in coffee shops, cart around worn copies of Danielle Steel novels and catch up on some of Allen Ginsberg’s poetry on the Light Rail.

Reading junkies, take note: there’s a new party in town that’s right up Seattle’s literature-loving alley. On Saturday, Nov. 12, The Vera Project will host the first annual Short Run, an event to promote regional, press publications and alternative artwork in Seattle.  Local writers and artists Kelly Froh, Jenny Gialenes, Martine Workman, and Eroyn Franklin joined forces to create the event.

“Seattle was missing something and we wanted to be a part of finding that thing,” said Froh.  “We have been going to comic, zine, and art festivals in other cities for years and saw the need to have a small press fest in Seattle.  Short Run was founded to strengthen our small press community and show off all the amazing work being made in our area.”

To celebrate these artistic DIY-ers, Short Run will feature comics, zines, art books, literacy works and animation from 70 different writers and artists, most of whom hail from the Pacific Northwest.  Attendees can engage directly with these self-publishing artists.

“It’s one of the coolest things about Short Run,” said Froh, “It allows the creative process to be more of a conversation than a one-way system.”

In addition to the artwork on display, attendees will be able to compete in the community portrait challenge, watch the work local animators and nom on homemade and donated goodies from local bakeries and friends of Short Run.

The best part of all: it’s all free.  “Short Run is a great way to discover art being made in our region,” said Froh.  “It’s an art event where each person can go home with something but you can also just come to experience the ephemeral activities of the day.”

If you don’t quite get enough during the festival, not to worry. You can rage at the Short Run Art Show after-party at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery in Georgetown and admire more featured artwork from Short Run artists.

Short Run at Vera Project  |  10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12 

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Born in Buffalo, raised in Federal Way, and educated at Boston College, Lena has been exploring cities from coast to coast her whole life. Though she desperately misses the snarky irreverence of Bostonians, she loves living in this green and rainy city again as a bona fide Seattleite. In the years that she’s been gone from the Pacific Northwest, Lena has been busy writing for sports blogs, literary journals, college newspapers, and social justice-based magazines. When she’s not hunting for a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood joint, furiously scribbling in her notebook, or busy clacking away at her computer, Lena finds Zen in playing baseball with the Seattle Diamonds, sipping on a PBR at Lottie’s, and watching reruns of Friday Night Lights while drooling over sinfully delicious Tim Riggins.
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