Saturday, April 18, 2015

DRY Soda And The Art Of Smartphone Mixology

The all-natural local favorite releases a cocktail-themed app.

Seattleites can’t stop drinking DRY Soda — a locally-produced, all-natural alternative to unhealthy carbonated drinks. Not only is DRY Soda attractive from a health-conscious, groovy-organic standpoint (there are only four ingredients!), but also comes in eight delicious flavors, including rhubarb, lavender, cucumber and juniper berry.

Thanks to the widespread popularity of mixology apps, DRY Soda drinkers can incorporate their favorite flavor into a refreshing cocktail at the touch of a smartphone. The company recently released a mobile app that generates cocktail recipes, locates DRY Soda vendors in the area and even suggests food and wine pairings for each flavor.

Inventive flavors and a low calorie count (only 45-70 calories per bottle) make DRY Soda an ideal cocktail ingredient. The DRY Soda app is free, and available online for iPhone and Android.

If you’ve yet to try DRY Soda (or you simply don’t own a smartphone), drop by the company’s tasting room in Pioneer Square. Visitors may sample the eight flavors, as well as purchase bottles (or cases) of DRY Soda to enjoy wherever they like. The Tasting Room is open from 12 to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

DRY Soda Tasting Room | 410 1st Ave. S., Pioneer Square  |  (206) 652-2345 ext. 7

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