Monday, March 18, 2019

Cutting Edge: Designs by Rana Ghezelayagh

Anar Couture specializes in silky clothing and accessories that are pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Photo: Anar Couture - Para and Pars Collection

Every woman knows that looking good and being comfortable aren’t always synonymous. However, according to designer Rana Ghezelayagh, these two qualities are mutually exclusive.

Her label,Anar Couture, is founded on the principle that when a woman feels great in the clothes she’s wearing, she will also look her best.

Born in Iran and educated at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Seattle, Ghezelayagh began her career in fashion as a freelance designer. She also modeled a bit – one of her most notable appearances on the runway was at the 2009 ‘Imagine’ fashion show in Seattle, where she sported a handmade bridal gown of her own design.

That same year, Ghezelayagh released her inaugural line, Para and Pars. Rendered from organic fabrics such as silk and cotton, this collection of 20 trench coat dresses was inspired by the gorgeous architecture of Persepolis, an ancient Iranian city.

Distinguished by vibrantly patterned linings, these sexy numbers are suitable to wear in both spring and fall.Her latest line, Chic and Silk, was launched in March 2011. This collection consists of accessories such as scarves, belts, wraps, capes and kimonos – all of which incorporate 100% silk animal prints into their design. These striking garments are ideal for any fashionable businesswoman who aspires to look trendy – and feel comfortable – at the workplace.

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