Thursday, October 23, 2014

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What’s Hot: Vintage Computer Faire This Weekend
We’re bombarded with technology these days but we can all remember our very first computer and our very first interaction with the internet. Technology moves fast. In Seattle there’s a place that has attempted to capture each moment and build excitement about what it means for the future. The Living Computer Museum is a walk down memory lane and also a look into the future. But this Saturday, it’s all about the throwback-tech. (more…)
The Jawbone UP24 sells for 149.99 at AT&T.
Seattleites Embrace Fitness Wristbands – Win Yours!
When bathing suit season rolls around some of us need all the motivation we can get to make sure we stick to our “get in shape” commitments. This is what makes wearable technology a hit. By tracking things like the number of steps you take each day, your calorie intake, and even your sleeping patterns, activity tracking wristbands can play a big role in how you approach everyday fitness – and Seattleite are all over it. (more…)
Sosh iPhone Photo
Toys + Tech: Sosh – The Personal Concierge App
Sosh, where no one knows your name and it’s awesome! Sosh has one humble goal: to change the world. They want to help you break out of your routine so you can experience all the exciting, interesting things in your city. Things that you might be too lazy or intimidated or busy to check out on your own. And by getting enough people to do this enough (more…)
Technophilia: MovieCat 2 – The Sequel Game
Movies. Trivia. Cats. As if I have to explain why this game is so good. But I suppose that’s what I’m here to do, so I’ll indulge you: It’s a movie trivia app (good) using illustrated cats (great) to ask questions that both movie buffs and movie simpletons (me) alike will have fun answering. (more…)
Toys + Tech: Sweet, Beer! One-stop app for hops lovers
Drink like the well-educated beer lover your parents always hoped you’d be. Beer. Sweet, beautiful, delicious, complicated, confusing, beer. When will I finally understand you and your gigantic family of fermentation? Today? Tomorrow? Oh wait, (more…)
Toys + Tech: The App that Gives Back- Flywheel and Toys for Tots Pair Up for the Holidays
Giving back this holiday season can be as easy as hailing a cab. Taxi-hailing mobile app Flywheel has partnered with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation for its first-ever holiday campaign to support the organization that helps bring toys to children in need. From dropping off toys at donation centers to sending out Secret Santa Cabs this Friday, December 13, Flywheel is truly in the spirit of giving this December! (more…)
Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide: Designer Duds & Goods That They’ll Want To Rock All Year Long
Tis the season for itchy Christmas sweaters and tubed sock sets! Although we recommend you spice it up this time around, ya know, with actual cool stuff. End this year off right with this roundup of nifty novelties to gift to friends, family, and loved ones. (more…)
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