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Seattle-Based Company Ably Introduces Hi-Tech Natural Clothing Line
Say goodbye to stinky synthetic clothing. Ably’s 100% premium cotton shirts and hoodies shrug off water, stains, and odor so you can get into your dirtiest fun and still look and smell fresh. Go ahead, Nature Boy—camp for a week with only one shirt. Go for it, Gym Queen—work out for an hour on the elliptical and still smell like daisies. It’s time to think of all the stuff you can do with your time besides laundry. (more…)
Combatant Gentlemen partners with Nordstrom for pop-in series, Heartbreakers II, March 4-5
Combatant Gentlemen, the vertically-integrated e-retailer is disrupting the menswear industry with 100% Italian wool suits starting at $160. Last month, they announced their partnership with Nordstrom for their newest Pop In@Nordstrom series, Heartbreakers II, led by the Seattle-based retailer’s VP of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim. The company will host an in-store event at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom on Friday and Saturday this week, March 4-5th. Additionally, the line will be available online at (more…)
Mountary: Custom framing for posters, pictures, art, photographs
The easiest way to get your shit on the wall. Here at Seattleite, we rarely write product reviews. However, when Neil Ayton of Mountary contacted us for a piece, we couldn’t turn it down. We were really drawn to the website. It is simple, pretty and answers all the questions about how and what services they provide. For your posters sitting in those (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Sustainability Guru Scott Royer
The owner of Windfall Lumber explains the importance of reclaimed wood. All photos courtesy of Windfall Lumber. Tumwater-based Windfall Lumber had been in business for nearly five years when Scott Royer, a Wisconsin-born transplant, purchased the company from its original owners in 2001. Under his leadership, Windfall has become one of the state’s leading providers of tables, countertops, wall (more…)
What’s Hot: a Canvas. a Cause. celebrates creativity for the community
For the past several months artists across various disciplines have been preparing for a showcase that will bring art, dance, music, and poetry together. It’s a collaborative performance event, dance party and fundraiser benefiting Urban ArtWorks, which empowers local youth through the creation of public art. (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Knitwear Innovator Paychi Karen Guh
Comfortable, cashmere women’s wear from one of the year’s most exciting designers. Paychi Karen Guh knows quite a lot about fashion design. Born in Taiwan, she earned a master’s degree in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now Philadelphia University), worked at Nordstrom for 15 years in various roles including textile designer and design director, and recently attended a two-week course in London and Milan put on by (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Hana Ryan Wilson of Craft & Culture
Showcasing Seattle’s unique fashion scene, one boutique designer at a time. One year ago, Hana Ryan Wilson and her creative partner, Jason Parker, launched Craft & Culture – an online boutique that spotlights the world of independent design. Wilson, a Port Townsend native and UW alum, says she and Parker were inspired by the successes (and struggles) of their many friends who make a living within Seattle’s diverse design community. With Craft & Culture, they hope to introduce the work of these artists to (more…)
Style File: Hermes Exhibit at the Bravern Opens Today
Art and culture have inspired fashion designers for centuries. Now, fashion inspires art and technology with digital installation artist, Miguel Chevalier’s “8 ties” installation at the Bravern. Drawing from the new Hermès Heavy Twill collection, (more…)
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