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TREAT YO SELF: We Love Lash Extensions at Eye Candy in Kirkland
Get glamorous lashes at Seattle’s pioneer lash lounge. In this edition of Treat Yo Self, we feature Eye Candy, a lash boutique, lash training center, and product distribution center established by two women, Jaymie and Athena. Combined, they have 16 years of experience in the spa industry. Eye Candy was the first Lash Boutique to specialize solely in eyelash extensions in Washington! From firsthand experience, their lash product line is superior in quality and offered an an exceptional value.  (more…)
In the Know: Annual Glitter Sale at Goodwill Seattle is November 14-15
Access your inner girly and treat yourself to some glitter. All year long, Goodwill stores in the Seattle area save all the donated glitter and designer name brand clothing and accessories for THIS EVENT! More than 2,360 shoppers flocked to the Seattle store for the 2014 Glitter Sale. Last year’s sale was a huge success and raised $241,850 for job training and education. (more…)
Style File: Expert Style Team Opens My Style Suite at Southcenter
Taking personal shopping to the next level. Superstar stylists Darcy Camden and Sherri Garcia have combined their talents and experience and opened a new pop-up store at Westfield Southcenter mall in Tukwila. My Style Suite, located between Nordstrom and Macy’s, offers fashion expertise to men and women, using participating retailers at the the mall to create the perfect look. The format is simple, yet unique.  (more…)
Style File: Nordstrom Features AYR
Edited, effortless essentials—all year round. AYR is headed to Seattle on Saturday! AYR will be hosting a Fall launch event at Nordstrom Bellevue this Saturday, September 26th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. AYR Founder & Brand Director, Maggie Winter, will introduce the Fall Collection, followed by an afternoon of cocktails and shopping. (more…)
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TREAT YO SELF: Noir Lash Lounge
Beautiful lashes for instant glamorfication. In this edition of Treat Yo Self, we feature Noir Lash Lounge, which specializes in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They offer over 100 different lash varieties. The lashes last for 2 to 8 weeks, with (more…)
Jason and Robert Townsend_seattle_essensuals london
SEATTLEITE SPOTLIGHT: Fashion-Forward Hair Stylists Jason and Robert Townsend
New Seattleites here to make essensuals London synonymous with affordable luxury “Hair follows fashion and Seattle is a fashionable city,” say the owners of essensuals London, Capitol Hill’s newest boutique hair salon. “Seattle’s massive music scene is a major contributor to Seattle’s fashion. I think people from Seattle aren’t moving to New York or LA anymore to focus on fashion – instead, they are choosing to stay in Seattle and make their home town cool.” These were just some motivating factors that led the Townsend brothers to relocate from San Diego to Seattle and open essensuals London. (more…)
5 Reasons Why Seattle is a Tattoo Town
There are a lot of things about Seattle that make us a tattoo town. Tattoos are statements on your body, whether they are for personal meaning or more artistic self-expression, they come with stories that people want to hear. And you’ll get a lot of different stories these days because tattoos can be found on people from all walks of life. There’s no longer the “tattoo” type, at least not in this town. Here are some things about our community that bring out the passion for tattoos. (more…)
Interview with International Fashion Photographer Adam Katz Sinding
Three or four years ago, Adam Katz Sinding was one of the most respected, well-known names in fashion photography in the Pacific Northwest. Known for his discerning taste-level and dubbed the “Sartorlialist of Seattle” by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, his site, Le 21Eme, featured the most stylish and thought-provoking fashion subjects about Seattle proper. A full-fledged New Yorker now, we’re catching up with the Seattleite fashion photographer gone international. Seattleite: How have the past few years in NYC treated you? We’ve seen you in some highly coveted fashion magazines… (more…)
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