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Jason and Robert Townsend_seattle_essensuals london
SEATTLEITE SPOTLIGHT: Fashion-Forward Hair Stylists Jason and Robert Townsend
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email New Seattleites here to make essensuals London synonymous with affordable luxury “Hair follows fashion and Seattle is a fashionable city,” say the owners of essensuals London, Capitol Hill’s newest boutique hair salon. “Seattle’s massive music scene is a major contributor to Seattle’s fashion. I think people from Seattle aren’t moving to New York or LA anymore to focus on fashion – instead, they are choosing to stay in Seattle and make their home town cool.” These were just some motivating factors that led the Townsend brothers to relocate from San Diego to Seattle and open essensuals London. (more…)
5 Reasons Why Seattle is a Tattoo Town
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email There are a lot of things about Seattle that make us a tattoo town. Tattoos are statements on your body, whether they are for personal meaning or more artistic self-expression, they come with stories that people want to hear. And you’ll get a lot of different stories these days because tattoos can be found on people from all walks of life. There’s no longer the “tattoo” type, at least not in this town. Here are some things about our community that bring out the passion for tattoos. (more…)
Predict Your Love Life Like The Pros: Celeb Astrologers The AstroTwins Tell Us How
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Find Your Perfect Match, Or Ideal Romance Experience, This Valentines’s Day. Tali & Ophira Edut. Photo by With the rise of social networking, romance as we know it has become a thing of the past, superseded by texts tinged with smiley face emoticons and awkward E-Harmony friend requests. (more…)
Interview with International Fashion Photographer Adam Katz Sinding
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Three or four years ago, Adam Katz Sinding was one of the most respected, well-known names in fashion photography in the Pacific Northwest. Known for his discerning taste-level and dubbed the “Sartorlialist of Seattle” by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, his site, Le 21Eme, featured the most stylish and thought-provoking fashion subjects about Seattle proper. A full-fledged New Yorker now, we’re catching up with the Seattleite fashion photographer gone international. Seattleite: How have the past few years in NYC treated you? We’ve seen you in some highly coveted fashion magazines… (more…)
Heels Available at Bellevue Square Nordstroms. Photo by Abiola Akanni.
Fashion Alert: Brand Genius Steve Madden gives us the Fashion Scoop
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email This footwear mogul isn’t the guy you think he is, he’s actually way better! Steve Madden chats with us on post prison inspiration before unveiling his newest collection at Nordstrom in Bellevue. Did you know that Steve Madden spent some time in the pen? Neither did I prior to our interview Saturday, October 12 at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom where Mr. Madden was debuting his latest collection (more…)
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Fashion Alert: Nordstrom’s New Cool Girl Olivia Kim + French Fling Pop-In Full of Parisian Goodies
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Bonjour mi amors! So, in addition to Seattle’s historical style scene – hey, where would grunge-glamour be without us? Exactly! – we have solidified some fresh fashion cred (French nonetheless) with the arrival of Nordstrom’s new (more…)
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Fashion Alert: Leathers, Layers & Textures take over the Front Row
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email In a word, fall fashion is all about (drum roll, please) …leather. Wardrobe essentials like bomber jackets and knee-high boots; crush-worthy colors such as Marc by Marc Jacobs’ deliciously berry lambskin pants; supple accents polishing go-to leggings or trimming men’s collars – from faux to the real deal, leather hit last weekend’s runway night after night for Fashion Week at the Bellevue Collection. (more…)
Fashion Alert: Bellevue Fashion Week IDRS & Nordstrom Men’s GQ Fall 2013 Runway Show Update
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email It came. We saw. They conquered! The second annual Independent Designer Runway Show (IDRS) kicked off Fashion Week at the Bellevue Collection on Wednesday, September 25th at the Hyatt hotel – and oh what a launch it was – followed by the Nordstrom Men’s GQ Runway (more…)
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